Momma Nerves.

Specifically—MY NERVES.

The Kid started Taekwondo this year and in a week and a half—he’s up for his first belt change.


Momma Nerves are normal anyway, but add in the fact he was sick through most of December and didn’t make class?

Momma Nerves on Steroids.

There’s all his kicks, punches and block! His side-kick looks a little on the round house side. His arm that should be protecting his ribs is …rarely protecting his ribs. He has to count to 10 in Korean. He’s getting to 8 or so now and MOMMA DON’T SPEAK KOREAN to help. I’m going to have to find a voice translator. Hana, Dule, and then Net and Set is in there somewhere too. Ahop. 10 is something short. I don’t remember it off of top of my head.

Also—Sparring. Already! He’s got to kick and punch and be kicked and punch by some other kid. Already! And board breaking. His hands are so tiny tho…so so tiny.

You can imagine my stress as I *unloaded* my concerns on his instructor. To which he very gently and not in these words told me to calm down and take a chill pill cause Son was ready.

I might have relaxed a little, but don’t expect these Momma Nerves to go away until next Saturday….