I went show shopping Thursday–one of my favorite activities.  I had to go to the mall in a larger town a half-hour away.  But I had been interviewed at one of the local stations that morning, so as long as I was there … well, you understand addictions.

The store is one I shop in often, and when I entered, I was shocked at how much they had changed things around.  and even mentioned that to a clerk standing there.  She agreed, saying sometimes she didn’t know where things were now.  I found the perfect pair of shoes and a couple of outfits for my new grand-daughter, and I left the mall feeling pretty good about all I’d accomplished that day.  I walked out to the parking lot–and MY CAR WAS NOT THERE!  I put this in capitals because the words were screaming in my mind.  I tried to convince myself I was wrong.  I went out and walked around the nearly-empty lot, feeling the nausea creep slowly into my stomach as I came to full realization that my beautiful red BMW 128i convertible was gone.  I went back into the store and through to the other side to check the other lot–just in case.  No, I had definitely not entered the building that way.

I called 911 and they dispatched an officer.  I called my husband, and he told me immediately he was on his way.  He called the BMW home office to have them activate the chip that will locate the car.  The police officer was a young man, very nice, very kind–very thorough.  I got the police report filed, and he left me only after I assured him my husband would be there soon.  he told me he would call me as soon as they had any news.

Five minutes later, the officer called me.  He had found the car!  I was ecstatic … until he told me in was in the other parking lot!  Sure enough, there was my car, apparently where I had I parked it.

Now I can laugh about it, but I gotta tell you it wasn’t funny to me for a couple of hours because I realized how totally screwed up my entire perception had been.  I had come in a totally different door from where I perceived I was–that’s why the store looked different.  But when I think about the street I had to drive up and the businesses I had to pass to even get to that side of the mall, I have no recollection of them at all.   And that freaks me out!!!  How far up my ass could my head get?  Was I thinking about the interview?  Was I plotting my wip?  Was I thinking about shoes?  I have no idea.  All I know is where I was and where I thought I was were two totally different places.

The whole episode has me wondering what other times I have had a misperception without even realizing it?  How about you?  Anything you want to admit to?