I know I have been MIA a lot since Christmas but my computer died on me.  My awesome hubby bought me a new one when we found out it was going to cost almost as much to buy a new one.  I finally got office on it and now I’m good to go since things have started to settled down.

The past few weeks have flown by though.  Our little angel Lilly turned 5 this month.  We had a big day for her birthday having cupcakes at school and cookies at gymnastics.  Her party was supposed to be that Saturday and we had everything ready to go and it decided to start snowing on Friday night making us postpone her party until today.   She has had 4 birthdays this month now that she has had her final party.  She has gotten so much stuff I don’t know where it’s all going to go.  Her toys are taking over her room LOL.

We are actually planning a big vacation this year – the first one we’ve really ever taken.  We are planning on taking Lilly to Disney and we are all super excited.  We have been hunting for discounts, hotels, etc.  Any tips or suggestions to help save money on this trip would be appreciated.  Summer will be upon us before we know it 🙂