Menageriemom’s Musings….

Back in the day when I had my own blog, it was titled “Menageriemom’s Musings” and often it consisted of me just sitting down at the keyboard and writing about whatever came to mind.

It seems that today is going to be one of those random posts because there is so much going on in my life it’s hard to just touch on one thing and concentrate on that!

So here I am , sitting at my computer in my cluttered living room. I have a cup of coffee on the desk with foam and whipped cream because it’s Saturday and I can treat myself to something a little fancier than plain coffee and creamer since I have nowhere I am rushing off to at the moment. The parakeets are chirping and squawking at each other companionably. I have at least one small dog sleeping at my feet–I say only one because I know that I have two out here, but I’m pretty sure Cash is in obsessing over the new puppy who is locked up in her exercise pen in the family room. The rest of the dogs are either still asleep in their kennels or locked in my bedroom with my husband who is still sleeping despite the fact that the pit bull decided to launch himself off the bed at about 6 this morning when one of the little dogs thought she heard a noise outside the sliding glass door in our bedroom. Yeah, I pretty much decided it was pointless to go back to sleep when the entire herd came scrambling back up on the bed a few minutes later and proceeded to have a tussling match over who got to sleep next to who!

Since then I managed to back wash the pool which, despite our best efforts, has stubbornly refused to stay clean this summer. I managed to get the lock opened and the filter cleaned out but I can’t get the lock to close so I will have to wait for my husband t get up to finish it. A few years ago it wouldn’t have been an issue, but since being diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome (again) and trigger finger my hands just don’t have the strength sometimes to open and close things. It’s very frustrating and I feel my age on days like this.

We visited with my aunt and cousin last night. I BBQ’d at their house and we swam in their beautiful pool while we waited for the sun to go down  to see if we would be able to see the town’s fireworks from their yard , since this year the city council decided to move the location further out-of-town. Unfortunately we couldn’t so we headed home, but not after I got to spend some quality time with my family. My cousin’s health is not good–every genetic disease my mother’s side of the family contributed to our DNA has reared their ugly heads in my cousin’s body and I am very concerned. We lost her brother last summer due to health issues brought on by many years of drug and alcohol abuse. This past 4th of July was the last time I saw him and it was hard to be in his home without him there. My aunt mentioned the fact that she is going to be 72 and even though she doesn’t look any older than she did ten years ago the reality is sinking in that the generation above me is getting older and may not be here much longer. I’m thinking I need to go visit more than once or twice a year, considering they all only live about 20 minutes away…

And while we are on the subject of aging ( see how my mind works?!) on Sunday the girls and I are heading off to one of our most favorite places in the world to celebrate  Baby Girl’s 21st birthday!  I can’t help but get a little emotional over this event–it’s hard to believe that my youngest child will officially be an adult in one more day. Where has the time gone? We were trying to decide what to do, since it is a holiday weekend and most of her friends are in Pismo for the week. Her best friend suggested we head to Santa Cruz and spend the day on the beach and Boardwalk and we all decided that is exactly the right place to be.

Santa Cruz is really our go-to place for birthdays. We started this tradition when I turned 40. I had a really hard time with that particular birthday so I packed up the van and the girls and I headed for the beach for the week. Somehow nothing seems so bad when I can dig my toes into the sand and smell the ocean breeze as I sit on the beach with a good book in my hand. Since then we have made it a point to go to Santa Cruz sometime during the summer to celebrate our summer-time birthdays. July is very busy with the girls’ friends and several family members all having birthdays throughout the month!

Of course, this is just the immediate celebration. We have a trip planned for October to go to Vegas to celebrate my Baby Girl’s birthday as well as my adopted daughter’s 21st (at the end of September) and since my Oldest Girl Child will be turning 23 it will just be one big birthday blow-out!! I’m not a huge Vegas fan but Baby Girl has been in love with it since her first trip out there at age 12. Ever since then she has made me promise to take her when she turns 21 and I am living up to that promise, God help me!!

So tomorrow at this time I plan to be on the road to Santa Cruz for a day of sunshine, wine coolers, beach blankets and fun times with my favorite people in the entire world. My mom never did stuff like this–I honestly don’t ever remember her and I doing anything together just the two of us–so to be able to hang out with my daughters and their friends is very special to me. The fact that they WANT to hang out with me is even better!

As you can see I have managed to touch on a variety of subjects this morning–traditions, aging, family, celebrations. Feel free to comment on anything that particularly struck you as you read these rambling thoughts. I’m pretty sure we have all dealt with all of these issues at one time or another! Myself, I am going to finish my cup of coffee and start rotating dogs  to go outside to potty, since I flooded the backyard when I back washed the pool and I don’t want them tracking nasty green water into the house!

On a side note–we have decided to keep one of the kittens I rescued two weeks ago, and the last kitten, the fluffy calico-type my grand-daughter named Ruffles, isn’t going out to the ranch after all. My daughter’s best friend’s boyfriend’s brother’s friend (did you get all that?!) took one look at Felony, the kitten JT adopted from us, and fell madly in love. He begged Emilee to get him one of the kittens. I told him that they weren’t really up for adoption but he was merciless and my girlfriend said he could have hers. He’s so excited! I never knew guys liked cats so much! And my husband relented and told the Oldest Girl Child she could keep the black and white kitten that has apparently fallen in love with her.  It ended up a happy ending for all the kittens and I am so glad I looked into that little pink cat carrier and fell for those sweet little faces. I can’t rescue them all but at least I made a difference in six lives for the better.

The pup still does not have an official name. My husband called her Tinkerbelle but I’m not feeling it so the search for The Perfect Name has begun! In my family this is also a tradition–we have been known to wait a month until we can all agree on a name!! Wish us luck and if anyone ha s a suggestion for a great name that isn’t a traditional Chihuahua name (we have already rejected  Chica and Chiquita!) feel free to post it here!! 1006Here’s picture from yesterday–yes she is sacked out on my shoulder in a rare moment of inactivity!! Yes I know–very cute! And still so tiny I am afraid I will lose her!

Have a great weekend!!