Memories In The Making….

I am sitting in a hotel room in Anaheim CA while my daughter and son take his two girls to Disneyland for the second day. This was supposed to be our family trip for Adrielle’s third birthday and Ronin’s first birthday but we only had one birthday baby with us since Adrielle is still with her mother. No, we have not gotten anything yet from the courts. I do not know if the papers have even been filed and my daughter and I are pretty fed up with the paralegal service she hired to help us. But since we have other children to consider we decided to take them to Disneyland any way and I’m very glad we did. Raven and Skyler have been having an absolute blast playing in the parks with their favorite Princesses and riding all the fun rides and watching the shows. They both made it for the entire day yesterday–Skyler didn’t knock out until they left the park when it closed last night at midnight–that child never stops!!

This weekend has been bittersweet for all of us. My other son and his fiance decided to get married while we were here and so we all gathered at the court recorder’s office for a simple ceremony.  The bride wore a white sweater and jeans and the groom a nice button down white shirt.  My daughter, myself, and my other son and his girls represented our side of the family and  the bride and groom’s two boys, her dad and stepmom, sister and boyfriend, and her aunt made up the rest of the wedding party. It was short and sweet, but her step mom, aunt, and myself managed to shed a few tears as we watched this young couple commit themselves to each other and their little family.  They smiled at each other through the entire ceremony, and when it was over she hugged her mom and burst into happy tears.  I have to admit i was very proud of my boy–this young man has grown up so much over the past two years. He is my cousin’s son by blood but my husband and I raised him so that makes him mine by love.  He has really stepped up and is so in love with is little boy and his step son it makes my heart smile every time I see them together. He is a good man and she is a lovely girl and so right for each other.  It was a good day, and they all topped it off by taking the little ones and spending the rest of the day in Disneyland.

I did not go to Disneyland myself. Frankly I just could not afford it and came along as the driver and childcare. If they feel the littles need a nap then they can bring them back here and they can go do something and I can watch them. So far they haven’t needed me so I have had a nice little vacation with a quiet room all to myself.  Getting a little writing done as I gear up for NaNoWriMo which starts tomorrow.

Another reason I came along on this trip was to meet two of my team mates from the online game I enjoy playing. Unicorn (yes that is her game name!) lives in Las Cruces, NM but was coming to San Diego this weekend for a big convention. One of the guys who I have been friends with the longest lives near Anaheim in Orange and she asked if we would maybe be able to meet up for dinner since she was going to be in California. Considering she drove over 14 hours to see us I figured it was the least I could do! So Kodiak and his wife, Unicorn and her husband, and myself all met up at Chili’s in Vista, CA for dinner and drinks and some good conversation.

I felt sorry for the spouses, because we had no sooner sat down and we dove directly into game play and what was going on and who was doing what and how were we going to counter it, etc etc. Well hey–we had to get it out of the way first you know!! We spent the evening laughing and telling stories about our selves and our families. We almost lost Kodiak a couple of months ago–he got very very sick and ended up in the hospital for a couple of weeks with blood clots in his lungs and severe pneumonia. He texted me one morning and told me what was going on and I immediately told him to give my number to his wife–neither of them realized how close he came to dying until he was almost ready to go home… But I did as soon as he told me about the lots and I was deathly afraid he would die and I would never know. His wife and I have a bond now because of that and it was wonderful to finally get to hug them both and see for myself that Kodi is healthy again.

Considering how many people I know now because of social media and online gaming I realize how special it was to get to meet at least two of them. I have friends who are spread across the world and I know that for most of us a face-to-face will never happen. So getting to take that next step was just so cool and I realized that the people behind the keyboard were just as amazing in person as they are in pixels. I am hoping as time goes on that I can meet a few more of my internet friends–we have even talked of a big get-together somewhere that we can all meet up and spend a weekend getting to know each other in person. We shall see!

One of the first places I ever met people from my social groups on the internet was at a RWA convention in San Francisco back in 2008.  Several of The Cherries, the most amazing group of writers and readers on the face of the planet, were attending the conference and we all decided we had to meet for dinner. We reserved a room at Buca di Bepo’s , a wonderful Italian restaurant near the conference, and about 40 of us showed up for dinner, drinks, and laughs. It was incredible and has become a tradition now at every RWA conference!

My weekend has been very full so far and many memories have been created and stored away to enjoy later. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight! Enjoy the day…