Media Memories…

Facebook has this feature on it now that is called “Memories”. If you had a lot of posts on a single day a year or two before it will allow you to go back into them and see what was going on in your life at that particular time.

According to Facebook last year was an incredibly difficult time for me. I lost my precious Cash last September and only go him back on the 9th of October.

Oh my god. I can remember vividly the feeling in my heart when I realized he had gone missing from our Jeep in Reno. The sinking feeling, the disbelief, the absolute and total panic. The hours spent searching futilely through neighborhoods, posting flyers everywhere in the downtown area. Joining Facebook groups for lost pets and putting the word out far and wide to watch for him.  All of the Craigslist ads…

And then that incredible night when I received the text that he had been found. My heart stopped again as I read the words from the young lady who lived in the apartment beneath the guy who had stolen my Cash. I hardly dared hope–others had sent pictures of dogs who they thought were him but they always turned out to be some other dog and my hopes  were always crushed. But this girl swore it was him and so my daughter and I jumped in the truck and drove to Reno through the fires that were burning all through that area. We checked into our room and got a couple of hours of sleep.  And when I woke up I saw this picture in a text on my phone:


Cash and Samnatha

And I knew. It was my boy. I started to cry right then and there.  Sierra and I headed for the police station immediately. When Cash went missing I was told to file a stolen dog report. Thank god I did. It gave me the ability to walk in and tell them I had found my dog and could they please retrieve him for me.  I was given a number and told to ask them to “keep the peace” and they would take it from there.

We met the officer, told him where Cash was, then followed him to the apartments.  That was the longest 15 minutes of my life as we sat and waited for the officer to address the people who had Cash.  When he walked down the stairs with my dog in his arms my heart practically leaped out of my chest. My daughter and I jumped out of the truck and I snatched my dog out of his arms, hugged him tight,  and then threw my arms around the officer as I burst into tears. We went back to our room, gave him a bath, brought the young lady who had found him her reward, and headed home.

Cash was a little traumatized from his experience. He wouldn’t sleep on the bed nor would he sit in my lap at first. He cowered if I leaned over to pet him and that broke my heart because I knew then that he had been abused. But time is a great healer and he is his happy, cuddly, lovable self again.

Cash and his mamasthe three amigos

Here he is cuddled up with both  his mommas–Halle Weenie,his birth mama, and Lucy, our old mutt that mothers all the babies. The other shot is Cash with  Tula the Chihuahua and Jacki D, the pound puppy I adopted after he went missing. As you can see they are all a big happy pack and Cash is right in there with them just like he always was.

The reason behind this post was not to rehash a near-tragedy in my life but to talk about the how incredibly amazing all of my friends and family were as I dealt with this huge loss. I realize he is just a dog–but for me he was a connection to a beloved dog who had passed on , and he was my heart. As I sit here writing this he is laying at my feet. His head is draped over my foot and he is sleeping contentedly. As soon as I get up he will be right at my heel and will follow me wherever I go in the house. He sleeps on a pillow on the bed near my head–if he doesn’t have his own pillow he is on mine so yeah–he gets his own!  His only desire in life is to be with me as much as he can. I have other dogs but none are cash. They love me but they are not as devoted and connected to me as he is. It is a special bond and I can’t replace it no matter how hard I try.

And when I reached out to my family and friends in social media the response was overwhelming. I have been sitting here for the past few days reliving those days and reading over the incredibly heart-warming and encouraging posts I received from everyone. Not one person told me to get over it–he’s just a dog. Everyone was praying and spreading the word to look for Cash. Everyone. And when I got him back? I don’t think there was a dry eye amongst us. Yes I was very determined. Yes I walked a lot of miles and talked to a lot of people looking for my beloved Cash. But without all of my friends and their encouraging words I may have given up. I wanted to–there was a day I remember sitting in my room and breaking down as I considered the futility of what I was trying to accomplish. I mean let’s get real–he could have been anywhere by then. There was no guarantee he was still in Reno or even in the surrounding area.  But I kept the faith–I couldn’t let him down nor could I let myself down. And you all stood with me and held me up when I couldn’t do it any more on my own.

No matter what–social media and the people you meet on it daily affect your life.  Some for the better, some not so much. Some you may never meet face-to-face but they are there for you just like a “real” friend would be.  It is a connection and one that was not available to me as I was growing up. My kids will never know what it was like to not have that instant connection with anyone in the world. They take the internet for granted. Its just always been there and they think nothing of getting on Google to find out information they need or hop on YouTube to listen to their favorite song. They don’t have to wait for the radio to play it–they can go right to it and dial it in!

Because of social media I have been given an opportunity to change my career in the near future. As the record label grows I am hoping I will get to have a bigger part in things and can quit my job with the buses and go full-time in to public relations and management as I help them grow their name in the USA. So far I have sent him  six artists and he has shown interest in all of them and has asked three of them to sign with their label! How exciting is that?!  And I owe it all to social media.

How do you feel about social media? do you use it , abuse it, or ignore it? Is it a necessary evil in your life or do you enjoy the interactions with others? I’m off to go clean the yard and help build a pen for some pet skunks–don’t even go there…  🙂 Have a great weekend!