March Madness, St. Patrick’s and Spring Break…Oh my!

download (1)     March is upon us (half over? How can that be?) While it didn’t come in like a lion in my neck of the woods, March always seems to mark the time of year I come out of my winter stupor, growl at the layer of fat I’ve put on, and kick into high gear with projects and writing and getting back into shape. As I thought about writing this post, I considered all that March, and this particular Monday, mean— not just to me, but everyone.
St. Patrick’s Day is today. Are you wearing green? Do you do anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Green beer? Parades?St. Pats Irish food? Kissing strangers who claim Celtic roots? For me, I’ll wear green. Why not? I had a Reuben at Arby’s Sunday for lunch and will have another later this week. My hubby and I might eat potatoes for dinner. Beyond that, I’m not much into the holiday, I’m afraid.

images (2)     Yesterday was Bracket Day (or whatever they call it). The 64+ teams that will play in the NCAA Big Dance (college basketball tournament) were announced with all the match-ups. Do you follow collegiate basketball? Do you fill out a bracket with friends and have a pool for whoever makes the best picks? I usually fill in a bracket. Why not? But I don’t follow basketball especially closely. I’ll be pulling for Duke because it’s my son’s university. Beyond that, I really don’t care much about basketball. Football is my sport. How long until August?

March is also typically when schools and colleges take a Spring Break. My son had been home from Duke this past week and returns today (sob!). He wanted to go skiing or go to the beach with friends or camping in the mountains or…well, almost anything fun as a break from his studies. But his kind of fun costs $$ and we are imagesalready spending $$$ to send him to Duke, so…he came home. He’s dealing with it. I always try to cook his favorite foods, plan outings for us and spend as much family time as he’ll grant us. (He has friends to see while home, too, of course.)

This year, Pi Day fell during his time home. And geeks that my family are, I made shepherds pi and served chocolate pi for dessert. Yea! An excuse to eat pie!
1240108_640780129303783_1764138140_n (1)Having the kid home this week also meant I had a buddy to run the Color Run 5K this past Saturday. This picture may not look like I got much on me, but the other side of my face and neck were all green and my pants were trashed. Fun! Running it with my son made it even better. Yea, for spring break!
March always means my local RWA chapter’s writing conference too. The busier I get, the less frequently I make it to monthly meetings. March conference is always a great time to catch up and re-energize for the spring sprint of writing. At the end of the month, I’m planning to meet a couple writer friends for some brainstorming and plotting. I’m looking forward to that fuel for my muse.
Warmer weather means no more excuses not to exercise. Fresh local fruits and veggies are showing up in the stores. (Strawberries!) Flowers are starting to bloom here in the South, and daylight savings time means the sun is out later in the evening, which makes me feel like I have more hours to get things done. All around, March is a pretty great month!download (2)
So how are you spending your March? Your St. Patrick’s Day? Spring Break? Big Dance predictions? Talk to me, and I’ll pick one comment to receive a copy of The Return of Conner Mansfield (Book 1 in my Mansfield Brothers Trilogy).  Sorry, U.S. or Canada winners only. For more information about my books, plus a little Louisiana lagniappe (something extra) visit my home on the web Happy March!