Love is…Writing A New Story

I’m in the process of writing a new book.  Ah, I love the new book smell–it’s like a fresh cup of coffee made by a skilled barista. Everything is so fresh and full of promise.

love is...You might think I start with a blank slate,  or, um, an empty cup. That’s not the case. Before I type those first words, I’ve already pictured the story, or at least a majority of it, in my head.

It’s kind of cool to create something in the old gray matter that no one has seen before, not even me. What’s going to happen?!! The butterflies are already dancing in my belly.

Some writers start with the characters, but I start with the plot. What’s the story about? What’s the huge conflict that’ll keep readers turning the pages? I write stories that are full of life-or-death problems because that’s what I enjoy reading. I usually like to start with a bang. A helicopter crash, a family is taken hostage, a hacker accidentally hacks into the Department of Defense for the enemy…

Once I have the plot setup, I look for heroes and heroines with big shoulders and hearts. They’ll be uniquely qualified to tackle the huge conflict and have the most to lose if things don’t work out. They will have internal emotional conflicts that make it difficult to succeed (sorry characters) as well as romantic conflicts (bummer, but I’ve got to do it, guys). Will they succeed? Will love make them stronger or weaker? Will they have to sacrifice something to save their one true love?

Oh, Mama, I can see this story already.

And once I turn the characters loose to do their thing and live their lives? That’s the best part. I just sit back and type as fast as I can. Go, hero, go!

Ah, I love a new story.  I hope this one will be epic.