Love in New York

My trip to New York for the RWA conference was fabulous. I’m finally coming off the cloud and settling into “real” life.

It was my first trip to the Big Apple and I want to share some of the things I learned.

1) New Yorkers are some of the nicest people in the world. No joke. I didn’t meet a single grumpy person the whole time I was there. Twice I asked for directions from people on the street and the person personally walked me a block out of their way to point to where I should turn.

2) New York is beautiful. Everyone had warned me about the weather in July, but it wasn’t too bad. Every day we had blue skies with off-and-on clouds. Like the day I took this picture of the new Freedom Tower at the 9/11 site.

Freedom Tower

3) Taking a taxi is harder than it looks. I’d never done it on my own before and was a little nervous about catching one away from the hotel. I ended up walking quite a bit, which leads to number 4.

4) Walking around Manhattan wasn’t hard. The street layout makes it pretty easy to figure out where you are. The only difficulty I had was learning when it is okay to cross the street. Where I come from, we wait for green lights. In NYC? Not so much.

5) Squeezing in a Broadway show is a must. My dear friend C.C. Wiley and I saw Kinky Boots. It was fantastic. Here is my very poor imitation of an actor. Wowza, I wish I had those boots.


Kinky Boots NY 2015

5) If you’ve never been to a RWA Literary Signing, you need to go at least once. I was bowled over by all the authors in one spot. Hundreds! The noise level was tremendous, but oh so much fun.


Literary signing NY 2015


6) Romance authors are the greatest. I was up for a RITA® and was both awed and impressed by how many people came up to offer “congrats.” What a beautiful organization of people. Even though I didn’t win the award (another author named JD Robb did. Have you heard of her?) I felt like I was a winner the whole time.

7) I am blessed to be able to work in an industry where the main focus is love. I felt it everywhere I turned in New York. I feel it when readers contact me. I feel it here. Thank you for letting me do this thing I love so much.