Love Everlasting…


I have a friend who is happily married with children. His wife is beautiful and he is successful in his business. He met a young woman recently who for some reason held a special appeal to him.  The more he spoke to her the more he was convinced that they knew each other in a former life. Not only knew each other but were intimate and had a very deep love for each other. He comes from gypsy blood so he believes in many things from the old country. Hexes and curses still have meaning and are used against any who choose to harm any in his family young and old, so having lived previously isn’t so hard for him to accept. He adores his wife and children and nothing will come of this strange connection. He did tell though that he told the young woman that in their next life time she needed to find him a little sooner so they can be together again.  I laughed but it gave me pause.

I was raised in a very orthodox Christian home. We attended church twice every Sunday. I wore dresses and stockings and gloves to church. We weren’t allowed to play outside or do anything more strenuous than go for a walk since Sunday was a “day of rest” and my dad took that meaning to heart.  He was more than happy to kick back in his recliner every Sunday afternoon when we returned from his mother’s house after having coffee with the relatives and take a long nap.  The only problem was he expected everyone else in the house to do the same. I can remember spending long hours laying on my bed staring at the ceiling bored out of my mind. I was not even allowed to read, which to me was worse than any punishment they could have meted out.  I was expected to nap. I don’t nap…

As I got older I found there were other beliefs and ways of living that were not the same as I was use to. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I have always been fairly open-minded and never felt the need to judge. So when my friend broached the subject with me I was a little surprised but open to hearing him out. Romance authors often use the past life/past love scenario for the premise of many a romantic tale and we all love the mystery and pathos that follows the hero and heroine until they fall into each other’s arms once again after centuries apart, gloriously reunited despite the efforts of some evil entity who wants them to suffer forever alone.  It makes for good story, but how much is it possible that it can happen in real life?  Is it true we only have one life to live, or is it possible we return again and again until we finally get it right, as some people believe?  Do we have proof that either belief system is correct?

Daje vu  has always been explained away as “just a coincidence”, but is it? I have often found myself in a situation where I suddenly know everything that is going to be said as if I had experienced it before. Or a feeling like I know someone without having ever met them.  Just a happy coincidence or is there something more to that feeling?  Could I be reliving a past life with others I knew then but have not recognized until that moment in time?  What is the truth? Or is it something we cannot ever know?

How do you feel about this subject? Is it possible we are all old souls just reliving life over and over until we finally get it right and go on to our eternal reward?  Is it possible that we have a soul mate out there that we are constantly coming back to find and if we don’t find them in one life time we get to try again in another? Or do we only get one chance at life as we know it and so we need to grab everything we can while we are here since we don’t get a do -over?

Despite my upbringing I am kind of on the fence about this one. Can you push me over to one side or the other?  Get your arguments ready and go!!