Loud Bedfellows

I’m in that crazy, wild, thrilling, disorganized place I like to call–starting a new book.

The forth book in my SEAL EXtreme Team series is unfolding in my brain as I sit here. If only I could tip my head over and pour out what I see so you can see what a mess is going on in there. No really, it’s a mess.

I am excited to get back to my old friends in the SEAL EXtreme team. They’ve been yacking at me to get going already. They’ve got ladies to kiss, intel to find, and stuff to blow up. But I’m not quite ready to type the first word.


I have some great ideas and a whole lot of questions. For example, I know what’s at stake. Tavon Sting will be thrust into a horrible position when violent bad guys kidnap his wife in order to force him to help them. If he saves the woman he loves, he puts his SEAL team, his brothers, in danger.  The entire country is in danger. How can he possibly choose between his beloved or his buddies? His family’s happiness or the country’s? Someone is going to die. Who? When? Where?

I’m struggling a bit with the exact spot top start this story. Yeah, I know start at the beginning you might say. But which beginning and in who’s point of view? It’s amazing how many ways I can get this ball rolling. My characters want to start with a great big bang. They’re into loud beginnings. Especially Willy, the breacher/explosions expert who is also into women and other sorts of, um, big bangs.

But I’m also struggling a bit with the middle. Sure, a big commotion in the first few chapters sounds good and then what? I’ve got to sort through what happens when the big wheels start rolling.

And I’ve got a sense of the ending, sort of, but not exactly. I see lots of guns blazing and maybe a few more explosions. That’s what my characters keep whispering in my ear, anyway, but there has to be more story, fellas. So sit tight and let me do the hard work here. Yes, I’m speaking to you, Willy. No explosions until I’m ready to type. Got it?

Sheesh. You see what I have to deal with?