Loose Ends…

I have to write this quick. Just got off work and am heading out with the family, including all three granddaughters, to our local saddle club Christmas party.  Santa will be there in his big cowboy hat to hand out the gifts the parents bring (without their kids’ knowledge) and place under the big tree on the stage in the back of the room. Dinner will be served, drinks will be savored, toasts will be made, and dancing will ensue before the evening is over.

The reason I am dashing this off so quickly (and so late) is because I worked all day and last night I was just too tired to try to put words together with some coherency. I am on vacation this next week, which means I will be trying to tie up some loose ends before the year is over.

Every December I find that there are things that I need to wrap up before the year is over that I have been putting off doing for whatever reason. Procrastination and I are well-acquainted to say the least! This year is no different as I try to figure out how to spend $800 on my flexible spending account before the end of the month,  get in some last-minute dental appointments to take advantage of our dental insurance, and just general business that needs to be wrapped up.

One of the things I really would like resolved is the foster dogs we are caring for.  They really need forever homes but so far no one has been overly interested in either dog. They are wonderful little animals and deserve to be loved by a family. I just haven’t found that family yet for them.

Christmas is just around the corner and I still have some shopping to do. I got my husband’s gift–a complete change-up from what I had planned on–but I’m pretty excited about it and hope I was right in getting it!  He’s hard to shop for but this past week he started making noises about getting a tablet. You have to realize that my husband is probably one of the least techy-type guys you will ever meet. He went to buy a new phone awhile back and they tried to sell him an iPhone. After watching him stab at it and practically put a hole in the screen, the sales girl took it from him slowly and handed him a flip phone that advertises itself as “army strong”, able to withstand drops and falls that are worthy of a parachuting commando! He loves it and up till now has eschewed anything more complicated.

Then he went and stayed at a friend’s house for a couple of weeks while she was away and he had the opportunity to play with her iPad and her large tablet. he loved the fact that he could magnify the words by touching the screen and with a few taps he could search anything he was interested in.

So I decided to take the plunge and bought him a tablet, case, and an extended warranty in case he manages to break it. Which I am sure he will do. But I can’t wait to see his face because I think he will be surprised!!

Anyway. Everyone is waiting on me so I have to get going. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. What are you doing to tie up your loose ends? How do you spend these last few days of the year? Do you reminisce over what happened in the past and look forward to the future? Do you run around frantically getting those last-minute gifts for Christmas purchased or did you finish early so you could enjoy the season? Hope you find much love and laughter in your home with family and friends and enjoy the season…