Looking For Mr Right….

No idea what to write about today. Sitting here with my coffee and decided I should post since Sunday is an open day and I did not get a chance to post yesterday….

My oldest daughter and I went to a bridal shower for a friend of hers yesterday. They have been friends since grammar school but have not seen each other in about three years. Rachel joined the National Guard right out of high school and is in the military police division. She has been posted in a couple different locales and now I believe she resides in Sacramento and works on a base there.

She recently became engaged and I had to chuckle when I saw who she was marrying. Back in high school she dated this young man but as things often go at that age they broke up and both went off to find their places in the world separately. He joined the Coast Guard and fell in love with the sea and she stayed on land and they both dated other people.

At some point they reconnected and the bond they had as teenagers became strong once again and they realized that the person they had been seeking had been in front of them all this time. Older and more mature they are ready to embark on a life together and I could not be more happy for them.

Considering that it’s a popular theme in romance novels–young love thwarted only to be rekindled several years later after the heroine/hero returns home to lick their wounds etc–I’m wondering how many of us here have had a similar experience? Met someone at the wrong time only to hook back up with them later in life and discover they were the right one all along? Or how about meeting someone and being with them for a long time thinking they were the right one only to find out that we were wrong…. Now you have wasted so much time and is it really worth it to start looking for the Right One now after all those years? I always said that if my husband and I split up I would not look for another relationship , having invested so many years into this one. Yet here I am, crazy in love with a man who is everything I ever wanted and that I never thought I would find. Who would have thought he was still out there waiting for me?!

Love and relationships are tricky things. You never know when the Right One will show up. At 16 or 61 it’s never too late to find true love. I guess I would say that you should never give up hope.  They always say that there is someone for everyone…  And sometimes that Right One has been under your nose the entire time.  Realizing it is half the battle. Acting on it takes courage. Especially if you have spent your life with Mr Wrong and there are a lot of hurts to overcome.

My daughter’s friend found her Mr Right again and was smart enough to give him another chance. I was with Mr Wrong for 30 years and have now found Mr Right and I’m going to give him a chance.  My daughter is still looking for hers. She mentioned that she was the only single girl at the bridal shower and she is almost 25. But I have faith that her Mr Right is still out there looking for her.  Whether or not she gives him a chance when he finally shows up will be the question. I guess we will find out then. There is a young man who is very interested and is positive he is Mr Right but he lives across the country and has not been able to get here. He is convinced he will win her heart. I am convinced he has a good fight on his hands to do so. It will be fun watching him try. And I may take notes–sounds like a great romance novel in the making! Either way I just want her to be happy and find her HEA.

So have you found your Mr Right and your HEA? Or are you still looking? What qualities are you looking for? Or maybe what qualities are you NOT looking for? If you have found him, how did you know he was The One or did you just hope for the best? Share your experiences!!