Liz Talley is a THIEF! A THIEF I tell ya!

Okay, ‘thief’ may be a strong word, but we had that whole discussion about catchy titles and all that between the Romancers here, so that’s really what that’s about. I could have gone with the case of Keri’s missing things or something.

Our Liz is more like an accidental lifter who takes care of the things she accumulates. Let me start from the beginning. I give you, my silverware set:


Big and nice, yes? I think so too. Yay wedding gift! See this spoon from the set?


Lovely little slotted fella. For a while now when I need a big spoon to serve with, I reach for my silverware and this slotted guy is all I ever come out with. For months I have been confused. Why does my set have a slotted spoon but it didn’t come with a regular spoon? How am I supposed to serve gravy without a big spoon? So for a long time now, I’ve been using my big soup scooper spoon to serve things like gravy. Yes, yes, I know. I can hear you. “Go buy a FREAKING spoon already, Keri.”

I don’t think about it beyond the 2.5 seconds it takes for me to pull out the slotted guy and put it back. If even that long. A new spoon has never made it on my shopping list, let alone my mind at the store. And can you even buy a single big spoon or would I have to get a whole set? Anyway, I’ve just delt with and lived on.

Then I returned to my local RWA’s chapter conference in March a few weeks ago. I roomed with my usual roomie—the lovely Liz Talley. As part of the conference, members always bring food dishes to serve on Friday night.

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Sunday morning, it’s time to pack up and go and Liz asks if these are my dishes in the bathroom. I tell her the two bowls and the slotted spoon (that I had to take for my fruit salad because my regular spoon does not exist! I wanted to make sure I at least came home with the one treasure I had).

So Liz walked out of the bathroom with two spoons, looking a little confused and asked if I’m sure. Cause they look from the same set. See picture:


See? Same.

Liz admitted she doesn’t know where this other spoon came from. She’s had it and it doesn’t match her set. Me, OMG! I’ve been wondering forever why my set doesn’t have a regular spoon!

We had some laughs. And I happily returned home with my dearly needed spoon.

And that’s how Liz Talley is sort of kind of, not really even close to a thief, but I was able to make a catchy title!