Linda Lael Miller – Review, Q&A and a Giveaway!

By Laura Drake

First – the Review

5 ♥

As a long-time LLM fan, reviewing her newest,  The Marriage Pact, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up! And I’m glad I didn’t.

Read the back cover blurb – then ignore it. Yes, it tells us the book is about: an interrupted wedding where the bride is carted out on a man’s shoulder, a girl with bad taste in men and a small town boy coming home from the big city. If you’ve read lots of romances, it sounds like one you’ve read before, right? At least it did to me.

But this book is so much more. Complex true-to-life characters that suck you into their lives. Great descriptions of what a real ranch is, and what small-town life is really like. True friendships, and, of course, love. The relationship between Hadleigh and Tripp, founded on childhood memories and loyalty to a dead sibling, grows in spite of the problems, and builds to a wonderfully satisfying ending. I hated to leave them behind!

Do yourself a favor and get in on this series!

Q&A with Linda Lael Miller

Miller_Linda Lael_09

Q: It’s exciting to read your new Bliss County series! What inspired you to write this new series and how long have you had the idea for THE MARRIAGE PACT?

A: I was actually inspired by my own penchant for arts and crafts, since I love to make things, and by the beautiful state of Wyoming.  In the books, three women friends, all successful in their own right, decide to help each other find husbands.  One of the women is a jewelry designer, and she makes a special bracelet charm to represent each of their romances.  If I hadn’t already been inspired, my visit to Jackson, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park last September would have done the trick.

Q: In THE MARRIAGE PACT, Hadleigh is determined to find Mr. Right but it turns out Mr. Right isn’t who she thought he would be. Do you think most relationships are like that?

A: Maybe not most relationships, but definitely a lot of them.  I think we human beings have a tendency to look for love (and everything else) in strange and faraway places, instead of in our own backyard.

Q: If you could give one piece to newlyweds for a happy life together, what would it be?

A: Tell the truth, no matter what.  Trust is everything in a relationship, and love will not survive long without it.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peak on what is next to come? We’ve heard there are two more Bliss County books after THE MARRIAGE PACT.

A: The next two books are: THE MARRIAGE CHARM, featuring Melody Nolan, Hadleigh’s friend and a participant in the marriage pact, and Spencer “Spence” Hogan, the local police chief.  They were deeply in love at one time, but things fell apart and they went their separate ways.  Now, the attraction remains, but both Spence and Melody are convinced they’re wrong for each other.

This will be followed by THE MARRIAGE SEASON, the story of Becca “Bex” Stuart, the third member of the marriage-pact bunch, and a newcomer to Mustang Creek, sexy widower Tate Calder with two beguiling children and a singular determination to remain single.

And a Giveaway!

Linda would like to give away a print copy of The Marriage Pact  to a lucky reader! (open to U.S. residents only.) Just leave us a comment to be entered to win!