Like L’oreal the Big Bang Theory actors are worth it

I read on Bing this evening that “with Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch signing new deals that make them regular cast members, their show co-stars are now banding together to renegotiate their contracts.” I didn’t particularly have a reaction to the news, I merely thought hmmm, and then scrolled down to the comments section. That’s when I had a reaction and decided to blog about it.383674

One commenter thought the salary increase was outrageous. Paraphrasing, he said, anyone can get up and recite a few lines in front of a camera. There’s no way anyone should make that much money.

I read a review on Amazon of one my favorite authors. A reviewer wrote, paraphrasing again, I have to give this a low ranking because his books are too expensive. Note from Donnell: This author is on my auto-buy list—in hardback.

I love Chanel No. 5. It’s expensive. Over the years it has increased in price, and I confess I don’t buy it as often as I used to. I leave that up to my husband and kids. When I’m getting low and I’m asked what I want for Christmas, I say, oh, thank you for asking…I could use a bottle of Chanel. I have yet to call up the makers of Chanel and ask them to reduce their price.

In college economics class I learned about supply and demand.
If I love an author enough to put him/her on my auto-buy list I’m more than willing to pay upwards of $16 for a book, and if I run out of money (or my kids do) I probably will switch to another perfume or stop wearing Chanel.

Ideally, when someone makes a lot of money, he’ll give back. If he doesn’t it’s none of my business, and I’ll leave it up to Karma or the IRS to settle the matter. The Big Bang Theory is the #1 rated show on TV. Folks get a lot of laughs and enjoyment out of this sitcom, and I disagree with the commenter—very few can get up in front of a camera and recite a few lines and create the galactic explosion (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun) that show has created.

If ratings fall (and, generally, what goes up must come down), I imagine the producers will decrease salaries or the show will be cancelled altogether. For right now, I say these actors (and God bless the writers and talent behind them) are a lot like the slogan from L’oreal. They’re worth it.