Life’s Little Curve Balls

I love animals. Always wanted to have a horse growing up and even lived in the country outside a small town with a population of about 7,900 whenFFA Rabbit I was in 2nd-fourth grade. We had chickens and turkeys, one duck, five dogs and more cats than I could count. Oh, and one cow that thought she was a dog. But I never had any desire to participate in FFA in high school or raise anything to show at a local livestock show. So you can imagine how clueless I was when my oldest decided to quit color guard and join FFA her junior year in high school. Talk about one heck of a curve ball! Didn’t see that one coming.

Culture shock big time. That first FFA meeting had me in a panic because she wanted to raise an animal. No floral design for this one. LOL Thankfully, I talked her into raising one(not three) breeding rabbit instead of a steer or pig. I had cousins who took on this huge commitment and it was good for them. But I couldn’t stand the idea of raising anything we would have to sell for someone else’s supper. Gulp… Did I mention my parents bought our one cow to raise and then eat? Yeah, by the time she got big enough, we couldn’t do it. We sold her as a milk cow instead. LOL

Raffiki was a wonderful rabbit. He was beautiful and good tempered and had great genes. A Mini- Rex. I had no idea you could get rabbits with pedigrees. He took second last year and third this year in the FFA Project show for our area.

But now my oldest is getting ready for college in the fall. So Mr. Rabbit will have to find a new home. 🙁 I’ll miss him honest, but cleaning him not so much.

Looks like we won’t have a problem finding him a new home either. After the show, there were several people interested in buying him. Wow. I had no idea.

This year is winding down fast. Way too fast. Soon we’ll be getting ready for Prom. Then it’s graduation. Then it’s off to college and many more new adventures. Sure hope I can stand all this excitement! LOL

Let the adventure’s begin!

Oh, and I almost forget!! Two great websites are going live today! The goal – Bring Authors, Writers and Readers together. There is something for everyone. Hop over and check it out! 🙂 – An Interactive Book Club – A Hub for Writers and Readers