Let’s make life easier

It’s not that I’m asking to be lazy. I mean, I could so go with a  butler and a maid, but who couldn’t? For this post, let’s go simpler. Such as—

A working dishwasher.

Mine is going on the frizz. It seems to be in an on-again/off-again relationship with functioning. I’m afraid the two are going to permanently be on the off and then I’ll be hung with a load full of dirty, soon-to-be-smelling dishes in there. Nobody wants to unload a load of dirty dishes.

An always functioning washer/dryer. I don’t know why. Maybe I ripped magic fabric in an earlier life or cursed the drums of washers past. Beats me, but I know I lose a washing machine or dryer about every 2years. Guess what started making this dragging, crunching noise? The dryer.

To never find empty *anything* in the pantry. Why the eff do people do this? You take the last cookie out of the package, you throw the package away. You clean the sides of the peanut butter jar, you throw it away. What you don’t do is put said empty things back in the pantry for me to find later.

For my dogs to always smell nice. Pup hates taking a bath. Hates it. Runs from it. Oldest dog does well with bath time, but it always makes him hyper. And since I bathe just before dark when it’s time for them to stay in the rest of the evening…yep. Rowdy dogs when it’s time to settle down. I’m picky. I know.

So that’s a handful of my simple, make life better things. What have you got?

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An Apple Trail Novella, 3

It’s been a White Picket Fence life for Nicolette. Charming but tedious. She graduated high school, raring to go. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems, though. The fear of being stuck in a rut, living a dull day-to-day life, keeps Nicolette from settling on a career despite her six years of college. When the chance arrives for her to house sit, she takes opportunity by the horns for some playtime. She would finally experience life and find something to make her happy.


Drew knows exactly what he wants. To run the family construction business. Too bad his dad doesn’t think he’s ready. They make a deal: Drew will help his cousin put up a new fence and after he’s learned hard work, the construction business is his. Drew’s not sure why learning to string a fence together will see him suitable for a career of paper pushing, but he’ll do it.


When Drew meets the wanna-be-free-spirited Nicolette in the small town of Apple Trail, Arkansas, his determined thoughts of what he’s always worked for begins to sway. Nicolette’s finding the fun in life during their temporary relationship. After she gets a taste of what living is supposed to be, how will either of them walk away?

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