Let’s Get Organized!


You want to see my kids act like a bunch of big ol’scaredy cats? Just let them see me coming up the stairs with the big black garbage bags. LOL

Okay, I go through this organization routine, phase or obsession as my kids call it, every year about this time and it’s hit and miss at best. The kid’s drawers and closets are overflowing by the time the New Year arrives. Old clothes, and clothes that were new at the beginning of the school year plus shoes that don’t fit, or they don’t wear anymore, keep cluttering and taking up space. They can’t put away the new stuff they received at Christmas. This means all that stuff has started trickling out into other parts of the house. Ack! If I can see it, it drives me up the wall and must be dealt with. As long as the doors can close and keep the clutter contained, the kids are safe from my madness.  🙂

This year I turned to Google and Pinterest for new ideas and discovered a few nifty tricks that might help actually keep it all organized. And some of these tips can be considered recycling.  Cool! So it’s a win, win!

Let’s tackle those closets:

Sweaters –

Use some of the bigger boxes left over from Christmas. Leave the top open and wrap the rest of the outside with pretty paper. Then lay box on its side in the top of the closet and stack those sweaters where you can actually see each one and grab what you want easily.

One of those hanging shelves works perfect for this too. But then you can put just about anything in those to save space.

Scarfs & Belts –

A simple towel bar works great. Just tie them on the bar and they hang all nice and neat and you can see what you have with a quick glance. Might be a great decorating idea too for the master bath. 🙂 Not too easy to do in the kid’s closet because there is not much wall space. I’m thinking about just tying them onto a sturdy hanger in the same way.

Classic belt hangers with multiple hooks are also a good solution for hanging camisoles, bras, or scarves.

Shoes – (oh, the shoes!)

For those stylish boots that flop over at the top and take up two spaces instead of one, use rolled up magazines to stuff inside and keep them standing up nicely. And hey, you might enjoy reading that magazine again the next time you take out those boots to wear.  Especially if a year has passed. LOL

Pumps, sneakers, sandals –

Save the original shoe boxes! Take pictures of the shoes and then paste it to the outside so you know exactly what’s inside. (A little bit of work, but it might be worth it.)

Bigger Boxes from Christmas. Again with the wrapping and prettying up. Then lay on side and stack away. I’m trying to figure out what to use for some kind of separation between levels.  Otherwise, you just have a bunch of shoes in a box. LOL Hmmmm…

Hangable shoe racks on the back of your closet door.

Jewelry – 

How about those old ice cube trays to keep your earrings and rings separated. They are stackable and easily fit inside a box, or on a shelf.

A Tie rack or a Coat rack works great for all those pretty necklaces and bracelets too. And again, you can then see what you have! The best part is not having to untangle anything.

Purses –

Shower curtain hooks or “S” hooks work great to get your favorites up off the floor. But you need space on the clothes rod. Darn it.

After about two full bags of clothes, I can almost see the light.  We are making progress.  Yeah! Now to put it all back in so that it stays clean. At least for a few months!

Okay, I’m still looking for tips. So please share your nifty closet organization skills! What works? What doesn’t?