Let the Cookie-fueled Madness Begin!

We will celebrate Christmas at my mom’s house in a few weeks, and I can’t wait!

I am the youngest of seven, which translates to an immediate family that numbers thirty-plus. (I didn’t actually count. I was told there would be no math in blogging.)

This year, we have babies! In addition to a two-year-old nephew, I have two brand new great-nieces and a tiny little great-nephew to spoil this year. There will be a small gang of canines under foot as well. These are not my mother’s pets but her grand-dogs. The grand-dogs love Christmas at grandma’s too. They know it’s a pretty good bet someone (or thirty-something someones) will drop the occasional bit of food on the floor. Oops.

What can I say? We like babies and dogs.

Christmas with my family is bedlam. Or Heaven. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I love the mayhem. My mother has often considered swapping her back door for one that revolves. No one bothers to knock—no one would ever hear them over the blaring TVs, barking dogs, and shouts from the euchre tables. Assorted cousins and family friends will drop in and sneak right back out again when the noise level hits deafening.

We stuff ourselves silly, tease one another mercilessly, torment the significant others brave enough to navigate the holiday, and steal Dirty Santa prizes from each other. The morning after the festivities, everyone gathers back at Mom’s house for round after round of cinnamon toast. Then, we pack our plunder into the car and head south once more.

The ride home is usually low-key and a little bit teary. While the hubby tries to stifle the ringing in his ears, I stare out the window counting the days until we get to do it all over again.

I have grown accustomed to our quiet little life far removed from the three-ring circus in which I was raised. At home, we will celebrate with our own little traditions. Our babies are big, but they’ll still come home to roost on Christmas Eve and still wake up early Christmas morning. The dogs will get bacon and eggs for breakfast. The bunny gets bits of broccoli and baby carrots in his stocking.

It’s much quieter than the Christmases I knew before I moved down here, but that’s okay. I like having the best of both worlds.

I also like cookies. Each year I try to add new ones to the recipe box, so I thought I’d share one of my favorites with you. I’ve been making these for about the last 12 years, and they are always a big hit. They’re light, airy and completely different for the usual Christmas cookie.

Try some Lime Cooler Cookies!

Lime-flavored cookies may seem a bit unusual for the holidays, but they have been a huge hit. Luckily, my close personal friend, Betty Crocker, has a nice copy of this recipe on her website (CLICK HERE), so I’ll link that instead of scanning my splattered, stained, and much loved copy.

What are your holidays like? What do you look forward to the most? Have a favorite recipe to share?

Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays and a healthy, prosperous 2013!