Lessons in Fear

by Liz Talley

Officially this is a guest post, but since I blogged here for four years, I saved the ENALR gals some time and didn’t bother with an introduction. I’m happy to be back here sharing a little bit about my newest book, but more importantly sharing with you a little bit about the reason I wrote this book in the first place.

About two years ago I sat in front of Good Morning America folding clothes, drinking coffee and pretty much avoiding my writing….and there was this story. It was about a college student who had befriended a guy over the internet. Maybe Facebook or youtube or something. Just a random “how do you do?” from this guy that turned into a stalking case. So this man started showing up at this woman’s work, harassing her, sending her threatening messages, and VERY freaky videos. It was as if a light switch went off and suddenly this young woman was haunted by this strange guy. Her life became this horrifying web of harassment and she felt hunted. Can you imagine living your life hunted? Her stalker was always there…and if he wasn’t there physically, he texted her, sent her messages, and videos. Eventually the police started to listen and they gathered enough evidence, apprehended the guy and he went to jail.

Honestly, I had never *thought* about what it felt like to be stalked. Her face haunted me – I had never seen or heard fear like that before and it really bothered me. All I wanted to do was give Kristen Pratt, the victim in the case, a happy ending.

So I did.

My writer’s mind crackled with a character similar to Kristin and suddenly Addy Toussant took shape. I began to research and came upon a fabulous book called The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker which changed the way I viewed disturbed, violent people. But even more so, it changed my perception of a victim. Through this book, I learned that my Southern, be polite upbringing actually made me an easier target. I learned that being nice just because I’m supposed to be nice isn’t a good enough reason when my gut says “Stay away from this creep.” I learned that the same lizard brain that a killer uses is the same lizard brain I inherited from my ancestors and the whole “fight or flight” was worth thinking about. I had to start listening to my gut instinct.  I learned A LOT about stalkers and how they operate. If you haven’t read this book (and especially if you have daughters) get it. Like today. Within the hour.

So my October release book started with an idea from an interview…but I still needed a hero.

9780373718788And my idea for the hero was the oddest one I’d had in a while. See, I had been wanting to do my take on Uncle Buck – one of my favorite John Hughes 80s movies. I loved John Candy in that movie and loved the idea of an estranged uncle having to take care of three kids he knew nothing about….along with an incontinent Golden Retriever, a mean-ass cat and two hamsters named Pickles and Fancy Nancy. So I married these two ideas and His Brown-Eyed Girl was born.

So if you’re looking for Sleeping with the Enemy meets Uncle Buck…then I’ve got the perfect fall read for you 🙂

Here’s some info about the book:

She’s saving him from…the kids? 

Lucas Finlay is used to calling the shots. But looking after his two nephews and niece in New Orleans, he’s entirely out of his league. Luckily help is next door. With almost no effort Addy Toussant manages to make order from the kid chaos. Lucas is beyond grateful…he’s also very attracted to her. Images of an adults-only playdate are soon dancing in his head. 

Yet something in Addy’s golden-brown eyes tells him not to rush her. If this romance is to go anywhere, he needs to let her take the lead. Given the sizzling potential of what they have together, Lucas is okay with that.

Here’s a link so you can check out an excerpt (and buy it if you want 🙂  )

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Thanks for letting me come back and hang with you gals today!