Legends, Lore, And A Little Bit Of Truth

Writers by nature have a pretty active imagination. Sometimes that imagination is fueled by our own creativity, but more often than not it’s fueled, at least in part, by real life events. People, places, and circumstances often find their way into our works in one form or another.

We laugh about the memes that we see say something like, “Be careful or you’ll wind up dead in my book!” However, there’s a lot of truth to that. People that we experience, good and bad, often do wind up our stories in some form or another. Maybe it’s just piece of their personality, or just a piece of their physical characteristics. Either way, they do wind up as being an integral part of the story.

For instance, the horrible horse trader Arthur Gilliam in my book Lost Betrayal was loosely based on a horse trader I had seen at the sales in North Carolina. Although physically nothing like the character in my book, he had the same attitude about livestock that the Arthur Gilliam had.

The hero in my book, Garrett Wade, who’s a rodeo cowboy with a drug past, was also inspired by a real life person. In this case, Garrett was created from a rodeo cowboy that sadly died several years ago of a drug overdose.

True to habit, my latest work in progress, a short story entitled Winds On Indian Mound is loosely based on real life. Winds On Indian Mound is a story of a girl who has a horrifying paranormal experience while out riding her horse one night.

Indian Mound is a small town in northern middle Tennessee. The area earned its name from the Indian Mounds there that are thousands of years old. Not much is known about the mound builders, but the region has a rich Native American history from a later time period as several tribes such as the  Cherokee, Creek, Shawnee, and more hunted in the area.

With such a mysterious history, there’s also an abundance of ghost tales and hauntings in the area. Interestingly enough, I had my own first hand paranormal experience there many years ago, and that is what inspired the story.

Have you ever read a fictional story and wondered how much of the story was based in real life? What was it about the story that made you think it could be based in real life? Does the fact that a story has some basis in the real world make it more appealing?