Lawe’s Justice (Breeds #26) by Lora Leigh

Lawe's JusticeLawe’s Justice (Breeds #26) by Lora Leigh
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In Lora Leigh’s scorching new Breed novel, two adversaries are destined to explore the only thing they have in common: an irresistible mating heat…

Diane Broen’s lived to protect her younger sister Rachel from harm. But now that Rachel has been mated off, Diane’s occupied herself with less fulfilling tasks at the Genetics Council–until she’s paired with a new team member, a Breed male notorious for his attitude, and a touch that makes her recoil.

Lawe isn’t thrilled with her either. A lion at heart, he prefers a lair of solitude. When it comes to females, he’d rather snarl than purr. And while fate may have paired them to fight on the same team, neither is willing to admit to the obvious: the mating heat between them is positively incinerating.

It’s only when danger threatens that they make a hotter-than-hell connection–one so explosive it could destroy them. Or, as providence reveals, bind them together, forever.

Diane and her team have been working with the Breed soldiers trying to find an antidote for her niece Amber.  She and her sister Rachel have lost their family and Diane will do anything to keep them safe, even ignore the heat rising inside her every time she is around Lawe.  Ever since he helped rescue her, Diane can’t Lawe off her mind, he’s her mate but she knows that if she gives in, she is going to lose herself forever.

Lawe has never forgotten how he felt when he rescued Diane and realized that she was his mate.  He has stepped back and let her continue to do her job while his team makes sure she stays safe.  He senses her hurt every time they are together; because of his need to protect and her desire for freedom they continue to dance around the mating heat.

I love Diane, she is a strong female lead that is a trained fighter that is lethal and would do anything in the world for her family.  She has been tracking down leads for some teens that escaped the labs years ago; they alone may hold the secret to Amber’s cure.  The odds are stacked against her; she is having to prove herself to Lawe, she has a traitor on her team and she is in a battle against time to find those young adults.

Lawe is your typical alpha male.  He has the breed mentality ingrained in his DNA, mates always come first.  Jonas wants him to take a desk job but he lives for the field, if he can only convince Diane that the best place for her is safe at home.  He can feel how deeply Diane is hurting every time they are together but he just can’t allow her to continue taking jobs in the field.  He has held off initiating the mating heat because he knows they will both be lost with the first kiss and he can’t risk her safety.

The story continues right where the short story An Inconvenient Mate leaves off.  It not only tells the story of Lawe and Diane but it is action packed with glimpses of some of our favorite characters from past books.  I can’t wait to find out if the three they are looking for will be able to help baby Amber, I feel so bad for the little angel.  The ending was my favorite because Lawe finally understands what both he and Diane need out of their relationship.

Overall I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.  I give Lawe’s Justice 4 Flaming Hearts.  4 Hearts