Stay with me–I promise I’ll get to the point.

Strange as it may seem, I remember the first time I heard of Marco Polo–and it wasn’t in a swimming pool.  I was a kid and I’d just bought an ice cream cone from the Mr. Softie ice cream truck that came through our neighborhood on summer days.  As a bonus with the purchase, I received a mini-comic book.  The star of those pages was Marco Polo.  I don’t remember the story–only that he was an explorer in medieval China–but I’m sure Mr. Softie must be proud that I remember the name 52 years later.

So, a few nights ago, I was browsing Netflix and saw a series about the explorer himself.  I tuned in and am hooked.  I just watched episode 3.  Marco’s mentor just explained to him about Kung Fu and how it means “Great Skill.”

That brought me back to a conversation I had with my youngest daughter an hour before (because I am a writer and have strange thought processes).  Tonight, the Grammies are (is?) on.  Youngest daughter has always been the music lover (some say snob) of the family.  I casually asked if she’d be watching the Grammies tonight, knowing the answer would be yes.  She surprised me by saying that she wasn’t sure.  Then she went on to explain how disappointed she is in the state of the music world today.  “Songs like ‘It’s All About That Bass’ are catchy, yeah,” she said.  “But it’s been nominated for an award.  Songs like that aren’t Grammy-worthy.  It seems like they only give awards to the songs that make a lot of money, not the ones that are actually the best music.”

I laughed and asked when she’d gotten so mature and deep in her opinions–but it’s two hours later and here I am writing about her comment.

She’s so right.  And it’s not just in music; it’s everywhere.  Superlative art of all kinds goes unnoticed– ignored– while mediocrity often brings both fame and fortune to those who really have yet to achieve … are you ready for it? … kung fu.

Great skill.

And so, today on this blog, I propose that we give out some KUNG FU Awards for Overlooked Romantic Literary Brilliance–heartfelt shout-outs to those romance authors whose works haven’t been picked up by the millions, but whom we love because they know how to tell a fabulous story.

My KUNG FU Award for Overlooked Romantic Literary Brilliance goes to Sandra Jones for her book WISH FOR THE MOON–a time travel with a brooding hero who still melts my heart just thinking about him.

Your turn now–I pass you the microphone to you as the lights dim everywhere but on the stage.  And the next KUNG FU goes to …