Killer Openings

This is an incredibly busy time of year for everyone, what with shopping and wrapping and gathering and cooking and baking and traveling and DEADLINES galore!

So today, we’ve got a special treat for you. Below is a sampling of opening lines from our upcoming books. It might be something that’s out now, something that will be out soon, or even something uncommitted that YOU get first peek at!


The Summer Place by Pamela Hearon, Available April 2013, Harlequin SuperRomance (sorry, no cover available yet:-(

“Bet you’re laughing your ass off, aren’t you, Dunk?”  Rick Warren directed his comment skyward.  He unlatched his seatbelt but made no move to exit the car, rethinking the favor Gus Hargrove was calling in.


Betrayals of the Heart by Melissa Ohnoutka, Available Now!

Another ordinary Monday. A day just like any other. One Makayla Carter expected to follow the same predictable path it had over the span of her ten year marriage to the same man, with the same kids, living in the same house, in same little conventional town in south Florida.

Until the phone rang.

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If You Believe in Me by Natalie J. Damschroder, Entangled Flirt, release date 12/10/12

Amber hummed a Christmas carol, her boots thudding in time to the beat on the snow-dusted steps of the Rikers’ front porch. She shifted the grocery bag to her left arm and grunted when her tote slid off her right shoulder. She struggled to pull off her thick mitten with her teeth so she could unlock the door. Kale’s parents would still be at work, but she wanted a head start making their traditional week-before-the-holiday dinner. They might not have heard from him for six months, but if they were able to talk to him wherever he was stationed right now, she didn’t want to be running around the kitchen.


Journey of Awakening by Shawna  Thomas, Carina Press, release 02/2013

There was no going back now.

Sara paused to let the cold waves dampen her leggings, smiling at the small pebbles visible through the crystal waters. Finally. She suppressed the urge to run through the cold water, jump into the boat and shout her joy to the heavens. After so many years of waiting, they were returning to mainland Anatar.


Taken By Trouble by Keri Ford, 02/2013

Long-neck Bottle With A Frosted Glass leaned on the table. By the twinkle in his eye and uptick turn at the corner of his mouth, Sara Livingston knew something cute was about to come out. Cute being relative. What he thought was cute, she was going to think was stupid.



Something’s Burning by Cynthia D’Alba, Smoking Hot Firemen Anthology, Cleis, 7.13.13

Beef fat oozed off the grill onto charcoal briquettes, exciting the flames to lick hungrily at the underside of expensive sirloin beef patties.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it,” Bree Hardy yelled as she grabbed for the garden hose she’d left coiled on the concrete patio. A pitiful stream of water dribbled out when she squeezed the nozzle handle. Whipping her gaze toward the water spigot, she watched as the majority of water gushed from a large hole in the hose.


The Sweet Spot by Laura Drake  Sweet on a Cowboy Series out in May from Grand Central

The grief counselor told the group to be grateful for what they had left. After lots of considering, Charla Rae decided she was grateful for the bull semen.

 Sweeter Than Honey – Second in the Series, due out in December of 2013.

Her ‘new’ life was going be so much better than the last one. Aubrey Madison would make sure of that.

She savored the sight of a solitary saguaro, standing sentinel on the flat Arizona landscape. She savored the red-tipped tipped ocotillo branches that waved in the stiff breeze of the Jeep’s passing. She even savored the chill air that swirled in, raising the hair on her body in an exquisite shiver.

God, it’s good to be out of prison.


Available February 2013

In Cowboy’s Texas Rescue, by Beth Cornelison , black ops pilot Jake Connelly takes on a Texas-size blizzard and an escaped convict in order to rescue girl-next-door Chelsea Harris. Chelsea’s worst nightmare, being kidnapped at gunpoint by an escaped murderer, turns to fairytale when ultra-handsome Jake swoops in to save the day. As they survive a massive winter storm together and pursue an escaped felon, Chelsea and Jake learn lessons about unconditional love, sacrifice, and redemption. Here are my opening lines…

Jake Connelly crept down the corridor of the underground bunker, his senses on full alert and his Colt M4A1 assault rifle at the ready. When his black ops team reached the reinforced steel door at the end of the dim passageway, they moved silently into position—or as silently as they could while wearing CBRN suits. The military issue, head-to-toe protective clothing, designed to protect a soldier from chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear contamination, was cumbersome but critical for this op.


Kari Lynn Dell:  Opening lines from the work in progress known with varying degrees of affection as This Damn Book, aka The Best of Bad Intentions, aka The Pickup Girl.

Violet Jacobs was acutely aware that she was the only woman in Texas who made a living picking up cowboys. She didn’t need the rodeo announcers to make a big stinking deal of it at every single performance of every single rodeo she worked.


Scrivener For Dummies by Gwen Hernandez, John Wiley & Sons Inc, Available Now. For the writer in your life. 😉

If writing tools were teachers, your word processor would be the one who admonishes you to color within the lines and always use green for grass. Scrivener would be the cool teacher who encourages you to draw your own picture and praises your purple sun.


Coming January 2013

Margaret Ethridge/Maggie Wells: Here are the opening lines from Jumping Mr. January by Maggie Wells. This is the first in my 12 novella Hot Nights in St. Blaiseseries releasing throughout 2013.

The automatic doors sliced the humid air like a hot knife cutting butter, and paramedic Robert Spencer rushed through without missing a step. The air-conditioning was on the fritz again. Everyone in town knew the timeworn hospital was not the place to come if you wanted to cool down. The ancient units perched atop the St. Blaise Regional Medical Center were only a decade younger than the building itself. The compressors simply couldn’t keep up with the oppressive heat of an August day in Southeast Missouri. Good thing cooling down was the last thing on his mind.