Keri’s got a new toy!

I do! I do! I do have a new toy! See it?


Many of my writing friends have been getting treaddesks or turning a regular treadmill into a treaddesk. I’ve had my eye on wanting to do this for a while and when mom said I could have her unused treadmill, I couldn’t wait to get my office cleaned out!

I plugged it in last night, walked for an hour, got 2miles in and managed 1600words in the process.

Since I also have a FitBit, my treaddesk is playing double time. Not only is it getting me moving, it’ll also get me to my 10k steps for the day without me having to actually try for it.

So far, it’s wins all around.

Except for my ankles. I don’t think they quite see it that way. I’ve slowly built my way up to handling that many steps in a day, but last night I logged quite a few of them at one time and they were feeling it.

So that’s my new toy. Anybody else got a new play thing?