Keri Not Keri

For the record: I am the evil twin.
I lay claim to the title by virtue of seniority: I have a good decade on Keri Ford, who is not me.
And I am not her.
See? Me:

No…wait. That one’s NOT me. No wrinkles. Hair with body and curl.
Let’s try again…

That’s more like it…but wait. I’m a blonde. Sigh. Once more into the photo files…
Keri Stevens

She writes sexy books with sexy covers (and a lot of them):
In The Hay

I do, too.
Stone Kissed


The Arkansas comes out when she talks. The Arkansas comes out when I drink a bit and talk (my people left the state a generation ago to move to the civilized north–in Missouri).
She’s funny, sweet and a wee bit twisted. I’m twisted, funny and a wee bit sweet.

She has a dog.
Fluffy begging

I have a dog.
Ivy Stevens
No. These are not pictures of the same dog.

Our mothers both thought they’d be a little creative in the spelling of our names–and for the record, I want it noted, that at age 42, I am STILL the oldest K-E-R-I “Keri” I have ever met. I set the trend, dagnabbit!
We are both mothers of sons. We will both be The Mother-In-Law.
When I hit that stage, Keri will nod at me indulgently across the table in the bar as I speak my mind.
When she hits that stage, I will say, “See? I told you so.”
And as sure as my bathrobe is ratty and gray, I know those moments will come for us. Some of my life-friends are so different from me, I think, “Thank you, God, for opening my eyes to this big world.”

And some life-friends are so eerily similar I think, “No need to hit me upside the head with a two-by-four, God. I get it. I will share my cookie with her.”

What about you? Do you have friends who seem to have stepped right out of the parallel universe next door?

UPDATE! I am clearly the dorky evil twin, because I forgot one of the best things! Keri Ford just sold to Carina Press, which makes us both Carina Press authors (and I believe we’re even sharing the same fabulous editor.) Nifty, no?