Keri Ford Is Slacking

So, I’m more tired than I am awake for this post. Son has had a nasty cough that’s forced me on night duty to stay awake and make sure he doesn’t stop breathing in his sleep. Epic fun. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow for a checkup and I hope we’ll be on the downhill slide of this. So long as it doesn’t come back after we stop medicine. Again. *sigh*

So. This post is going to be random. Like, oh! New puppy picture! This is my new girl, Fluffy. Or you can just call her Fluff. (ignore my trash can). She’s about 8months now. We adopted, so we’re not just real sure what’s in her bloodlines. We were thinking some dobie and shepard mix. Now that she’s getting bigger, the vet is starting to see some cattle dog in her. still lots of shepard though. I just think she’s cute and her fur is soft like a stuffed animal–so easy to cuddle!

Fluffy begging

she follows me everywhere and if she loses track of me (cause I’m snuggled under a blanket with only my face showing, it’s funny to watch her check all my “normal” spots in the house. and she’s so excited when she finds me. She doesn’t care for men too much. she’s been with us a month now and still enjoys growling at the husband. I find it funny. He doesn’t.

And I got deets on my Carina book. Look for Never Stopped Loving You on December 2nd, 2013!

Oh look! Another puppy picture snuck in there! This is from the day I got her. You can tell in this photo and the more recent above how  much bigger her face has gotten. She’s put on about 15lbs since she’s been in my care and she’s far more leggy now! 🙂


And finally, I have a recent new release!

It’s not every day a girl takes out the trash and is nearly run over for it, but that’s exactly what happens to Sara Livingston. Manager and waitress at a bar, Sara typically spends her days serving drinks and turning up the TV volume on the latest sport’s game, a job that is quite enough to make her mostly liked by all. When she’s dropped into a game of cat and mouse with a stalker, she has no idea who could be behind the wheel of the truck or why they want her flattened on the pavement.


With her private eye brother out of town, she’s relying on her brother’s coworker, Clark Russells, to keep her from eating asphalt.

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That’s the best I got. What’s the best you got to show for today?