Just one more thing…

owl-47526_1280When my sons were babies and I ran out of things to talk to them about, I would rock them and croon, “Don’t smoke, don’t use drugs, and always use a condom.” My friends laughed, but I think it was pretty effective. And now that my youngest son, the last to leave the nest, plans to head off to university in the fall, I catch myself thinking, “Have I taught him everything he needs to know?”



stock photo spaghettiHe’s got “brush your teeth twice a day, floss every now and then, dress for the weather” down pat. I think I’ve done a good job there. Sunscreen use is still a bit iffy, I don’t think he’s written a cheque, and I’m not sure he knows that his sheets are washed regularly. However, he can boil water and make spaghetti, and he could probably put together a complete meal consisting of grain/starchy food, fruit/vegetable, and a source of protein. He won’t go hungry.


But it’s the unpredictable stuff, the OMG-they-didn’t-teach-this-in-kindergarten, the stuff that’s a bit out there, that I fret about. You know like, you can put food in a “beer fridge.” Or the really important “don’t sit on the roof during a street party.” I’ve seen it – those crazy university kids sitting on the roof during homecoming – and can’t help but think that the little parent voice in their head isn’t quite loud enough. I don’t want to be “that parent.” Obviously, there’s still work to do.


learn-939239_1920In the meantime, I’ll need to figure out how to Snapchat, Instagram, and PM on FB. And there are a couple of remotes I should learn how to use before he flies the coop.

Luckily, I still have a couple of months – seems like we’ll both have a full summer!



Here’s something else that’s Perfectly Unpredictable – my newest release!

PerfectlyUnpredictflat3_200Falling in love is Perfectly Unpredictable …

Kalia Beck always dreamed of starting a family, living in a house with a white picket fence, and finding her soul mate. Just not in that order. Kalia is coping with an unplanned pregnancy when she learns the father has passed away. She soon finds out that single parenthood isn’t easy, especially when the only thing that soothes the baby is the guitar-playing of a reluctant and reclusive next-door neighbor.

Mack Challen, lead guitarist in a rock and roll band, knows it takes a village to raise a child. He just doesn’t think there’s a village big enough to help “gay momma” and her screaming baby.


Kalia and Mack aren’t looking for love and aren’t ready for each other, but when the future unfolds, it’s … Perfectly Unpredictable.