June comes in like a firecracker and….

This has been an interesting June so far. I knew it would be busy, it was the baby’s first birthday party, Father’s Day, kids are getting out of school and I have a deadline for the last manuscript in the Triune Stones series. So when I woke up on Saturday June 1st at about three in the morning in severe pain, I really just tried to ignore it. Until I couldn’t. After 8 hours in the ER. Alone – hubby couldn’t find anyone to watch the baby and the seven year old. Everyone was out of town, unreachable…etc. — They did a CAT scan and diagnosed me with appendicitis.

A funny aside – while I’m waiting sans my caffeine or any food, I get a caffeine/lack-of-food headache. I asked the nurse for some Tylenol. She comes back later to shoot something in my IV. I ask her what it is. She says Benadryl. It will help you if you’re allergic to any meds we give you. I said it’s also gonna knock me out. I don’t take medicine often. Then she proceeds to put something else in my IV. I ask her what it is just as a narcotic wave washes over my body. Oh that’s just Morphine, you know for your headache.

Morphine, for a caffeine headache.  Yeah.

Anyway, my husband gets there just as they are wheeling me into surgery. I tried to talk them out of it. It didn’t hurt any more. But they wouldn’t listen. I woke up later with three incisions on my belly.

For various reasons, they kept me overnight for observation.

Did I mention the baby was having a huge first birthday party in less than a week’s time? Yup. We had to do some huge reshuffling. I delegated jobs and had to give up the idea of a perfectly organized clean house. Then we discovered it was going to be 109 on the day of the party. Did I mention it was an outside party?  It was fun, sweaty but fun. We had a lot of misters and fans out there.


I am feeling much better.. I’m not supposed to, but I can hold the baby now without too much pain. This is good for both of us… until she kicks my incisions… That’s not so good.

So it’s official. She’s a toddler. *sob* The kids’ last day of school is this Thursday and I still have a deadline at the end of the month. Wish me luck. ; ) And now, because I can’t help it, here’s some pictures of the birthday girl. (who is even now sitting on my feet playing with something on the floor–yup, gotta see to that.) Needless to say, I’m hoping for a fairly boring rest of the month.DSCF8127

DSCF8135 DSCF8180 DSCF8182 DSCF8222