June…a month to celebrate!

77111_642296892450576_1358800658_nThere’s a holiday for everything, it seems. As I write this (June 4), it has come to my attention that today is National Hug Your Cat Day. I love cats and have two inside and two outside cats, so this is a holiday I can get on board with. (Except one outside cat is feral and wouldn’t deign to let us even touch her!) While Hug Your Cat Day is a sweet idea, I had to chuckle. There’s really an official holiday set aside for that? I hug my inside cats EVERY day! 

While on the website that lists all the official “Days” of the year, I saw some other fun, and somewhat silly, occasions just this month…
June 8th is Upsey Daisy Day
June 11th is Corn on the Cob Day


June 13th is Sewing Machine Day

June 24th is Fairy Day
June 26th is Canoe Day

June 27th is Sunglasses Day

Really? We need a day to celebrate sunglasses and sewing machines? I mean, there nice to have and serve useful functions in society but are they holiday worthy?
These are more reasonable:
June 2 is Cancer Survivors Day
June 14th is Blood Donor Day
June 23 is Public Service Day
June 19th is Juneteenth Day which commemorates the abolition of slavery in the United States. These days have more merit in my book. But then again, why not have Corn on the Cob Day? It may seem silly but what’s life without a little frivolity and whimsy now and then? I’ve marked my calendar for these upcoming days I don’t want to miss…
June 16th is Fudge Day…’nuff said.
June 19th is Sauntering Day where you are encouraged to relax, go for a stroll and enjoy some valuable ‘me time.’ Sauntering Day is a day which encourages you to slow down and enjoy the world around you.
June 21 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. I’d check with the boss first though!
June 30 is Meteor Watch Day, the perfect excuse to get out and stargaze with your family!
Personally, I’m looking forward to July which is Ice Cream MONTH and includes days set aside for the appreciation of chocolate, sugar cookies, hot dogs, cows, gummi worms, hammocks, chocolate milk and best of all PAPERBACK BOOK DAY!

Available February 2012

Available February 2012


Life is meant to be celebrated! Embrace it. So what is your favorite Appreciation/Commemoration Day? http://www.daysoftheyear.com/