It’s the middle of June already?

Is anyone else feeling like the year is flying by far too fast?

I feel a lot like Cynthia D’Alba in her post yesterday — there’s been so much going on that I’ve hardly been able to raise my head to look around.  I’ve gotten my conferences out of the way for the year, but I still have two deadlines to meet for two different books. (Thank heavens one is a novella.) But while I was writing and editing, and arranging for those conferences, we staggered through one of the worst winters in my memory, and now that I’ve finally taken a breath to look out the window, summer has arrived. Or it will on Saturday. I missed the lilacs blooming this year, as well as my poor broken magnolia– they bloomed while I was in Cincinnati at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. My hubby told me that the magnolia blossoms were up on Sunday morning, but as we were on the 9 hour trip home there was a horrendous storm that stomped all the blossoms off the trees and onto the ground. 🙁

major life changes aheadSomeone asked me if I had any vacation plans for this summer. Um, nope. I have those two deadlines to meet, and an eye on my pocketbook. My hubby is facing being laid off next spring, or being transferred and I don’t want to spend money we may need next year. In anticipation of either event, I setup an overly ambitious schedule to get my house in order before the end of the year. Literally.  If we need to sell the house, I don’t want to be running around trying to do all things at once a couple weeks before it goes on sale. Not when we have a few months notice. Because of writing and the conferences, I’ve already missed April’s deadline of painting the living room, and May’s deadline of cleaning out the garage and making space so I could use it to paint the kitchen cabinet doors, baseboard, etc.

I keep telling myself that I can double down and get the chores done once the deadlines are out of the way. Except then I’ll have editing deadlines, and promo to do. And more books to write. Which makes me grumpy when readers demand authors put out four books a year. *sigh* yeah, not happening for me. Ever.