It’s Summer so it must be Christmas!

IMG_0630Fiona triple checks the schedule and phew, I am supposed to be here today! Last month I inadvertently got the wrong Tuesday. Sorry, Amy!

So Tuesday…I won’t confuse you by the fact it’s already Wednesday “Down Under”…either way it’s December and that means the pace of life has just ramped up! As it’s summer down here, December means the triple whammy. Not only is it the run up to the festive season, it’s the end-of-the-school year AND the start of all the summer festivals. I pine for the days in Wisconsin where we just had some Christmas parties to attend. Down here, by the time you have work Christmas parties, end of the year sporting and club parties, we’re all a little frazzled.

IMG_0649-1And the weather is hot, yet we cling to the Christmas traditions of a cold climate. Ever roasted a Turkey when it’s 100F? I cook mine outside on the Weber BBQ to keep the house cool!

Our Christmas menu is a combination of the old world and the new. Our first course is always seafood… prawns with macadamia nuts, mangoes, and a dressing of passionfruit and chilli. YUM! The recipe is here. However, despite the heat, nothing would make us miss plum pudding with brandy cream sauce. When I lived in Wisconsin, I was given eggnogg which was very similar to my mother’s brandy cream sauce. To be honest, I sometimes wonder if we only have pudding to have the brandy cream 😉

I’m waiting for Boy Wonder, my 16 year-old son and Christmas lover, to arrive home from France…two weeks today… 🙂 before we buy a tree. He loves decorating it. I have however, baked my Christmas cake. It’s in the English tradition of dried fruit which I marinate in a lot of liquor for a month before I bake it. I also make mince pies cos I just love those. Living in the USA taught me the fun of sugar cookies and ginger bread houses so I’ve added those into the mix of our cross-cultural Christmas 🙂

Newborn Baby for ChristmasUSAWant to know more about an Aussie Christmas? I’ve written a couple of Christmas romances set in Australia. Newborn Baby For Christmas is a modern retelling of the Christmas story. I had so much fun writing this book; from the virgin birth to the three wise men and  “no room” at the inn. I also filled it with Australian traditions like a game of backyard cricket on Christmas Day afternoon or a trip to the beach! axmas03

I also have The Most Magical Gift of All, where two people find themselves in a small, outback town at Christmas and caring for a little girl. Both are available as eBooks and you can buy them at Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Google Play, Kobo and where all eBooks are sold.

As much as I love my country of birth, I have to say that Christmas and Easter traditions make so much more sense in the northern hemisphere and I ADORED my white, Wisconsin Christmases…cutting down our own tree, the mulled wine, the egg nog, the open fires. And all the lyrics to the carols made sense. Now I have to watch While You Were Sleeping and pretened I’m still there!

Montana ActuallyThis December, I am counting down the days to my January 6th release of my new Medicine River series, which kicks off with Montana Actually. Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review and RT Magazine gave it 4*. There’s an excerpt here. It’s  up for pre-order now and is cheaper than it will be on 1/6 /2015. Crazy, right? You can pre-order it now in print or eBook format from AmazoniBooksNookGoogle PlayKobo and where all books are sold. The great thing is, it will arrive after the crazy of Christmas is over 😉

As I don’t get to blog again until 2015, I want to take this chance to wish you a very happy festive season. Whether the weather be  hot or cold, snowy, sunny or sleeting, I hope that you get to spend the season  with those you love.  I’m hosting lunch for my extended family with the menu as desribed above. I’d love to hear  your plans.

Fiona x