It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

I’m kind of in a rush–ended up spending most of the day running errands with the hubby and now have to pack my stuff and head out to the ranch to do some work out there and help my friend who’s laid up after oral surgery yesterday.

Been a little busy here on the home front as well. On Wednesday I had a passenger get on my bus with a pet carrier full of kittens. Six of them, to be exact. I tried not to look–really I did–but I couldn’t help myself and fell instantly in love with their adorable little faces. He was on his way to the pound to turn them in. He was convinced they would find homes, but I am more of a realist and I knew they were doomed. This time of year there are hundreds of kittens and most of them end up euthanized–there’s just not enough homes to go around. so I debated with myself and finally I told him I would take them–all of them. I figured I could take them out to the ranch–we always need cats out there and my friend loves them. So I called Jordan who came down to the transit center and I handed the crate over to her. Ruffleskittens in cageHere are a couple of shots of the kittens. How could I say no?!

Since then I have found homes for three of them so we will only get to take three to the ranch. either way it is a better fate than a cage at the pound.

Then yesterday, as I sat at my computer after an extremely long day at work, my hubby walked in the door and handed me this:little dogI swear to you, I thought he was handing me a hairless rat! I didn’t realize it was actually a dog until I was holding it! I can honestly say I have never seen such a tiny dog!

My husband is just as big a sucker for people and animals as I am. Apparently there was a young couple on the island at the transit center with a box of puppies, trying to sell them so they could buy a bus ticket home to Jackson.  Doug felt sorry for them and realized that the tiniest puppy would not survive if someone took it the way it was. They claimed the puppies were seven weeks old and that this one was the runt. I’m here to tell you that if this puppy is seven weeks old I am only 21, 5’9″ and model-gorgeous! My son and I are leaning towards maybe 4 weeks old. She barely has teeth and all she does is eat and sleep. I am completely gone over her!  She has been going everywhere with us in my purse and I have purchased baby food and goats milk to feed her until she can handle real food.

So it’s been a little crazy around here lately–adding six kittens and one tiny puppy to an already busy household has a tendency to do that! Life is never boring at the Menagerie!

Have you ever rescued an animal? Dog, cat, bird, or even a farm creature? How did that turn out for you? For example, I am famous at work for rescuing pigeons. I rehabilitate them and turn them loose. And dogs. I get a lot of dogs. Tell me your stories. I love to hear about rescued animals and the second chance they get at life!