It’s Left Coast Crime’s fault

th montereyOh my gosh, it’s blog day. Please accept my most humblest apologies as I tumbled into bed at 1 a.m. this morning after spending four glorious days in Monterey, California at Calamari Crime and Left Coast Coast Crime.

True, this is a mystery conference, with opportunities to see such greats as William Kent Krueger, Craig Johnson, Sue Grafton, Marcia Muller, Donna Andrews and many, many more. However, I LOVED how many of my RWA and romance counterparts that were in attendance as well and who did our genre proud. What’s more, LCC is a reader conference, and a perfect format to connect readers and writers.

I networked to my little heart’s content moderating the New Authors Breakfast with the able assistance of my dear friend Rochelle Staab, and am darned impressed with the authors and storylines that are out there–look out world.

I also moderated the Crimescenewriter panel (something I’m known to have a great interest in) with Authors, L.J. Sellers, Chris Swinney and Kirk Russell. Keep your eyes on these authors, folks. And just as an aside Chris Swinney and I pinky swore to keep in touch. This guy is a plethora of information.1966691_10200604905564066_960141146_n

My dear friends, Sparkle Abbey, were there and also Kendel Lynn, Diane Vallere and . . . and…. I will overlook someone (so sorry).

Finally I sat on a panel called The Voices in our Head, which sorry to say it’s rather crowded in there, but here was my chance to sit with Peg Brantley on my left, Warren C. Easley on my right, Cathy Perkins next to Warren, and Terry Shames on my far left. Fun panel and so interesting to learn processes so different from mine.1913507_10202735775948678_114292902_o

1489203_10200610121254455_182685033_nBut okay, what was so, so cool, was connecting with my RWA buds who I go way back with and who know that romance does in fact make the world go round: People like Kathy Bennett, Susan Boyer, Allison Brennan, Deb Coonts, Catherine Coulter, Rochelle Staab, and many, many more. We had wine, mimosas, long walks and camaraderie.

IMG_4475 JPG (4)

This report is shoddy, I know, and I don’t do the conference justice. But what do you expect? This is how I operate on no sleep. Further, none of these people liked my idea that I stuff them in my suitcase and come home with me. As a matter of a fact retired police officer Kathy Bennett said, no way and she has a gun ; ) Once a year is not enough to connect with such marvelous people.