It’s a New York Times Bestsellers Party!

IMG_0730Ring the bells, sound the horns and pop the champagne!

Everybody Needs A Little Romance’s very own Kimberley Troutte has hit the New York Times Bestsellers List! WOOT! SQUEE! WOW!

And she’s here to tell us all about it!

So Kimberley tell us about this exciting news. 

I am still in happy shock. Seriously, my feet refuse to touch the ground. I am so full of gratitude and joy. Gigantic hugs go out to all the readers who buy romance books. You guys simply and truly rock.

Last week, I was delighted to find out that the SEALs of Summer: Military Romance Superbundle Navy SEALs Style had hit both the NY Times and the USA Today Bestselling lists. It is a dream come true. Actually, I couldn’t dream such a beautiful thing if I tried. My nightly dreams are all too often about me being late to my Algebra final (even though I’ve been out of high school for many, many moons) and running across campus without my pants on. Yes, I’d say this is definitely better.

Which of your books hit the list?  (can you also mention if it is eBook only or also print and which bit of the list you hit?)

The SEALs of Summer is a Military Super-bundle of ten novellas and novels by bestselling authors: Delilah Devlin, SharonSEALSofSummer_3DBundle_800px (2) Hamilton, Anne Marsh, Cora Seton, Zoe York, Roxie Riviera, S.M. Butler, Kimberley Troutte (me!), Jennifer Lowery, Elle James.

There are not enough words to say how honored I was to include my novel, COMING IN HOT:SEAL EXtreme Team—Book 1, as one of the ten brand new books. This set is only available in e-book format and for a limited time only at 99 cents. The superbundle hit the e-book list as well as the print and e-book combined list of the New York Times bestsellers. It was also in the top 25 books on the USA Today bestselling lists. Wow, typing those words gave me a little zing.

Who told you the news and where were you when you heard the news?

All ten of us authors in the set were biting our nails all week. We kept emailing each other. “Have you heard anything yet?” Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. We hoped that we could hit at least one of the lists because our rankings on Amazon and Barnes and Noble had been really great. I swear, I just about hyperventilated every time I checked. We’d already hit #1 Romantic Suspense, and Military Suspense on Amazon. Refresh. Refresh.

I had just finished my spin class when I checked my emails to find that one of my co-authors received the news from her agent—we’d hit USA Today bestsellers. Holy hot tamales!

What was your reaction?

I stared at that email. Reread a few times. Tried to breathe. My hands were shaking so badly, I could barely hold my cell phone. I turned back around and headed into the spin room. I held the phone up and asked the teacher to read it to me. She said she couldn’t, the screen had gone blank. LOL. I pulled up the message again. It was about this time that I needed to lean on a spin bike for support.  A couple of hours later the news that we’d hit NY Times came in. I fell to my knees by my desk and thanked God.

RIMG0013How did you celebrate?

My hubby took me and my sons to a fancy dinner which included a glass of wine AND a dessert. It was sweet.

 What’s next for Kimberley Troutte?

I am busily working on LOCK AND LOAD: SEAL EXtreme Team—Book 2. It will release in late Spring. Astraea Press is publishing my Inspirational Suspense, GOD WHISPERER, this summer about a mother and her young son who are hiding for their lives in a small town when an ear surgery allows the boy to hear God.

 Congratulations, Kimberley! And to your nine other c0-authors of the anthology. What an awesome achievement. I sprinkle you in glitter and gold stars!

So readers, what in your life has been a “pinch me, is this real?” moment?