It Had To Be Destiny

March 15th–the Ides of March–Dick and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary.  Yay for us!  It’s a second marriage for both of us, and I like to think that, this time around, we both knew exactly what we wanted.  He’s my best friend, my favorite person to be around, and he makes me laugh.  And yeah, sometimes he drives me crazy.  In our small town, he catches some flack about being married to a romance writer.  He loves it , and I tell him I’m making him a legend in his own time.

But like so many others, our how-we-met story is … different.

I’d been a school teacher, but quit my job when my daughter was born.  After my first husband and I divorced, I went back to school for a Masters in Counseling. After grauduation, I took a job as an out-patient therapist for an alcohol/drug abuse ageny that took me to Anna, Illinois one day a week.  One of the others counselors and I got to be friends, and we played golf in Anna every Wednesday after work.  One week, Dick was in the foursome behind us.  He and my golfing partner were neighbors, and that night after I left, he asked her to introduce us.  The next week, our golf game was a foursome; her boyfriend and Dick joined us.  And the rest is history.

Not exactly.

When we met, I was living in Kentucky, he in Illinois, and our towns were a 90-minute drive apart.  I had a four-year-old daughter and a cat.  He had an eight-year-old son and a thirteen-year-old daughter.  Cats weren’t his favorite animal, and he was far from being my cat’s favorite person.

Two weeks after I started the out-patient therapist job, I was offered the Guidance Counselors’ position at an area high school.   Schools were what I knew, were where I was most comfortable.  But I turned the job down. At the time, I wasn’t sure why I was turning it down.  I just felt that I needed to stay with the new job I’d just started.

That was two months before Dick and I met.

But it still isn’t the most interesting part of my story.

That night after we played golf, Dick asked if he could see me again.  I’d had a great time with him, so I said, “Sure.”  I drove the 90-minutes back home, and my phone was ringing when I walked in.  It was Dick, and he was wanting to tell me that he hadn’t been “completely honest” with me.

Now you can imagine the things that were going through my mind, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what he actually confessed.

The woman who hired me–the Executive Director of the agency I worked for–my BOSS–was his ex-wife.  He’d made my golfing friend promise not to tell me until we’d had the date because he thought it would cause me to back out.  And it might have if I’d known up-front.  But I didn’t, and I’d found him to be handsome, and witty and a delight to be with.

Twenty-seven years later, he’s still all that.  And more.

I hate to leave you at that because the story continues, but this post is getting long.  Suffice it to say that his ex and I get along fabulously well, my step-kids have got to be the best in the world, and he’s been a true Dad to my daughter.  Our family has been blessed with much love.

But nothing will ever convince me that it happened by chance.  Only one job in the world could have taken me to the tiny town of Anna, Illinois.  And ten-minutes either way would have put his foursome either in front of me or farther behind.

It had to be destiny.

Do you have a destiny story?  Please share!