Intimate Exposure by Portia Da Costa

Intimate Exposure by Portia Da Costa
* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

From the moment Red Webster arrived at executive Vicki Renard’s firm, sparks flew between them. The photographer is supposed to create a company profile for its new owner, but he spends most of his time flirting with her. His sexy teasing infuriates Vicki…and piques a desire to submit to him. His hypnotic eyes promise what she’s been secretly craving: a sexually dominant master, like the ones in her favorite erotic novels.

Investigating his new business incognito, billionaire F. W. Shanley–aka Red–is turned on by Vicki’s fiery personality and undeniable beauty. When he discovers her reading a BDSM novel on her eReader, he knows he’s found a woman who shares his desires and promises to be a challenging submissive.

When Red arranges a weekend at a secluded hotel, Vicki agrees to indulge in no-strings-attached erotic fun. But can she commit to this kind of life with Red when he realizes they can have so much more?

Vicki has been worried about job security ever since FW Shanley took over their company.  She is mortified when she catches his photographer, Red taking pictures of her bottom when he is supposed to be making a brochure for their boss.  He seems to spend more time flirting with than working on the company profile.  She doesn’t know how to take him, especially when he grabs her ereader and comments on what she is reading.

Red has recently acquired the insurance firm and now he is undercover in his own company to see how things are going.  From the first moment he laid eyes on Vicki he was intrigued.  After seeing her choice of reading material, he is determined to find out if she is interested in a little BDSM play.  Now he just has to get her to agree to play before she finds out who he really is.

Vicki is excited when she wins the company contest and the “prize” is a stay at a luxury hotel, the only catch is that Red is the other winner.  She doesn’t know how she is going to survive the stay with him when they have to share a room.  She is attracted to him but he makes her nervous, especially after he saw her ereader.  The idea of playing around with some of the stuff she has read about turns her own and Red just adds fuel to the fire.

FW Shanley is more comfortable being Red than corporate mogul.  He loves the flexibility his life gives him and the ability to go “undercover” in his own businesses.  He enjoys his role as DOM and has been looking for someone willing to play with him; he hopes he can convince Vicki to be her.  As he gets to know Vicki more, he starts to feel guilty for deceiving her.

The chemistry between Red and Vicki is evident from the beginning.  They are playing the typical game of count and mouse with Vicki being the prize.  She is a strong female but I was a little disappointed at her reaction to his lie. I am glad they worked things out but would’ve liked just a little more conflict between them to balance out the sexual chemistry.

Overall, this story was sexy and a lot of fun to read.  The characters were interesting and well matched and I loved the ending.  The book moved at an even pace and kept me interested until the end.  I give Intimate Exposure 3 ½ Flaming Hearts.