Interview – Kimberley Troutte

photo by Deidre BuckRecently I had the chance to interview Romantic Suspense author Kimberley Troutte about her books. Kimberley is all about revealing character through tough choices. Be warned, you are sure to fall in love with her rugged heroes.

Me: Hi Kimberley, thank you for letting me interview you! Tell me about the SEAL EXtreme series. Did you write a series from the beginning or did one book morph into a bunch? How hard is it to keep the stories connected?

Kimberley: I started out writing the SEAL EXtreme Team books as a series. My intent was to have a group of guys who are specialists in their individual jobs and great at what they do but work even better as a unit. These teammates are as close as brothers, and even get on each other’s nerves, but will protect each other and die for one another. I always wanted to write a series that was full of action, espionage, life-or-death situations, and hot men. This is my playground!

Each teammate will have his own book and love story. The stakes get higher as the series progresses. The bad guys get badder and the action gets more intense.

Me: The locations get more intense too. In fact, many of your books feature exotic locals, China, Haiti, Spain, even the Arctic. Have you traveled to all these places or is it more just wanderlust?

Kimberley: I do love to travel. Meeting people from all over the world is one of my favorite things to do. We are all so different and yet so alike.

I have been to every country represented in my books with the exception of Haiti–I’ve only been there in my heart! I am very blessed that I got to travel a lot growing up. My father worked in the computer industry as a VP of sales (and various consulting positions) from the seventies until he retired around 2005-ish. He and my mom lived in Asia for about four years and I got to visit several times. I had the opportunity to travel with friends to South America and have also been to Spain. The best education for a kid is to travel and learn how small we all are by ourselves and how strong we are together.

As far as the Arctic, my dad grew up in Alaska as a kid. He went back as an adult and put down roots in his old town. There is a Troutte building in Sitka, Alaska. If you go there, tell them Kimberley sent you!

I have been to the Caribbean, but not Haiti.

Book 4 takes place exclusively in the US.

Me: You have a spouse, two sons, all the critters, with all this manly testosterone where do you pull inspiration for your totally kick ass heroines?

Kimberley: Yep. I’m surrounded by guys. Our latest pet is a girl kitty–thank goodness!

Since I write about tough men, I like to pair them with equally strong and capable women. My inspiration comes from all my brilliant, beautiful, sensitive, strong, and smart friends (including my mom and sis).

Me: I like what you said earlier about ‘how strong we are together.’ I think this definitely shows in how your SEALs interact as a team. Here’s a tough question. I get a sense that you are a woman of faith. A couple of your earlier books have paranormal elements and all of your books are full of action and violence and sexy goodness. Any struggles balancing your faith with what you write?

Kimberley: Good question. Many of the military people I know are people of faith. They believe in a higher power. They love their country, strive for justice, and fight the tough battles to help those who are too weak to protect themselves. These are the real heroes and the characters I love to write about. Love. That’s what it’s all about. It’s an honor to be able to write these books.

Me: I agree, we are fortunate that military people are willing to sacrifice so much to protect us. Okay, let’s flip this around. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever written? Or tell me of a scene that makes you chuckle just thinking about it?

Kimberley: I try to add humor in all of my books because a) I love to laugh and b) it diffuses some of the tension to give the readers time to catch their breaths. A lot of my funny scenes come from what I call “boy humor” since I live with men who crack me up on a weekly basis. When you put a team of men together, they are bound to tease and challenge one another.

But two old Haitian priestesses in THE GUARDIAN always make me smile. They are polar opposites–one of dark voodoo and the other of light–who hate each other but are drawn together through visions to protect the only person they both love from the greatest evil they can’t quite see. They don’t know what they’re fighting, but the coming evil is somehow attached to the American hero and his love for the woman they’ve both raised from childhood. The over-the-top methods they use to keep the hero from their beloved are akin to twisted Lucy and Ethel antics. I’m not sure where these two old women came from, but I’m glad they showed up.

Me: Well meaning, meddling moms, I think we all know something about that! Thank you so much for answering all my questions. As a final one before we say goodbye, can you tell me what you have coming out next and what you are working on?

Kimberley: Currently, I am working on three books in three different series with SEALs in each one.

My newest book just released on July 5th in the boxed set SEALS OF SUMMER 3.
11 NY Times bestselling and award-winning authors with 11 SEAL books.

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My contribution in the boxed set is BRING THE HEAT, the 4th SEAL EXtreme Team novel.

Here is the blurb for BRING THE HEAT:


When hostiles ambush Jackson’s Army convoy outside Ohio, he fights to keep the top-secret cargo out of enemy hands. But when his girlfriend is yanked out of the lead truck and forced to her knees, he steps forward to sacrifice his life for hers.


Army Specialist Rebecca Finlan can’t look when the only man she’s ever loved is gunned downed. Hostiles order her to drive her rig to Washington, D.C. where they will use the weapons she’s hauling to hurt innocent Americans. Unless she stops them.


Tavon Sting is given an ultimatum by the hijackers—force his SEAL EXtreme team to deliver weapons of mass-destruction or his wife will be killed. For a man sworn to stand by his brothers and die for his country, it’s an impossible choice. Protect the White House or save the woman he loves more than life?

Thank you for talking with me!

Thanks Kimberley! You can learn more about her books at and connect with Kimberley on Facebook. Kimberley may have a RITA nomination and sweet Funky Chicken dance moves, but down deep she just wants us all to work as a team and fall in love along the way.