I’m Reading

I should be working on the sequel to Waking Jamal. The first book in the series–Waking Jamal will be out March 25th–is about two very different soldiers. Saving Wick continues the fight against the terrorist group and the two soldiers will also find love. The draft is in that stage where I’m just past fixing the middle and now the clunky end needs revisions before I submit it to my publisher. But I’m not working on it. The terrorists are winning.

I should be writing this blog post. As you can see I finally did, at work, during the last few minutes of my lunch break. The distraction is at home on my computer.

I should figure out ways to yell from the rooftops that my next book is coming out. Blog tours, Facebook chats, mass mailings. So not going to happen.

I should be sleeping. Sleep is overrated.

Because I’m reading.

Not just any book can elicit this response. It needs to be nuanced and have enough conflict and drama to pull me in and keep me excited but not so much that I’m exhausted. I’m surviving on little sleep after all. Books this good let me feel warm fuzzies and frustration at the characters realistic inability to communicate.

Before this book the dry spell was peppered with lackluster characters and a small pile of DNF, did not finish. My resistance to the mind sucking power of a good book has lowered. I’m a light weight. A cheap read. Then I got one of the high-end, top-shelf books.

Heidi Cullinan’s Fever Pitch – currently getting me book sloshed. Sweet and angsty and good.

What are you reading? Make sure to include a link!