Improper Relations by Juliana Ross

Improper Relations by Juliana Ross
* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

When Hannah’s caught watching her late husband’s cousin debauch the maid in the library, she’s mortified—but also intrigued. An unpaid companion to his aunt, she’s used to being ignored.

The black sheep of the family, Leo has nothing but his good looks and noble birth to recommend him. Hannah ought to be appalled at what she’s witnessed, but there’s something about Leo that draws her to him.

When Leo claims he can prove that women can feel desire as passionately as men, Hannah is incredulous. Her own experiences have been uninspiring. Yet she can’t bring herself to refuse his audacious proposal when he offers to tutor her in the art of lovemaking. As the tantalizing, wicked lessons continue, she begins to fear she’s losing not just her inhibitions, but her heart as well. The poorest of relations, she has nothing to offer Leo but herself. Will it be enough when their erotic education ends?

Hannah is a widow that has been living with her husband’s aunt and helping her because she has no other family.  She leads a simple life with very few needs or desires until she spies her cousin Leo and the maid in the library.  When he offers Hannah a chance to see what has been missing from her life, will she take him up on his offer?

Hannah is shocked when she sees Leo and the maid in fooling around in the library but she can’t look away.  The library has always been her sanctuary and no one ever bothers her there.  Her experiences with her husband were not enjoyable so she doesn’t believe Leo when he tells her women should enjoy sex too.  He sets out tutoring her in the intimacies between men and women.  Along the way she loses her heart to him.

When Augusta confronts her and threatens to disinherit Leo, Hannah does the only thing she can, flee.  She takes the train to a small peaceful town she remembers from her childhood.  She never dreamed Leo would follow her, much less want to marry her.  Her life will never be the same again.

Hannah is a typical female for the time period.  She has been told it’s her “duty” to let her husband seek his pleasure with her, while she just lays there.  She doesn’t have any family other than her in-laws so she is content to live with Aunt Augusta and work for her until Leo opens up a whole new world for her.  She is curious about what she sees in the library and wants to know more, she just can’t believe a woman can also enjoy relations with a man.

Leo is the quintessential bad boy that enjoys the pleasures between men and women.  He is intrigued by Hannah and finds her refreshing.  I love how he takes his time teaching her the ways of pleasure so he won’t scare her off.  He treats her like she is cherished and loved.

This historical romance was a sexy read and I enjoyed it.  I give Improper Relations 3½ Flaming Hearts.