I’m not inclined to do that

I live in a city of extremely health-minded people. Oh, I know, you might think now that Colorado has legalized pot we’re in a laidback, loiter-on-the-street-corner kind of gang. But I would say for the majority of Coloradoans, fitness is a way of life. Take my city, for example, Colorado Springs is home to the Olympic Training Center. Olympians train here because of the high altitude, and I suppose some might even love the view.

I would gather that much like I have a writing bug, people here have a fitness bug. Not a bad ailment if you happen to catch it. I mentioned my husband has been running since he turned 50 and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. That diagnosis was all it took for him to do something about it.

I admire these people immensely, and I try to partake in their lifestyle. I walk and ride a bike. But there is one activity I simply refuse to participate in.

So, today, I thought I’d share with you what these people do on a “regular basis.” I have a dear friend who does it twice a week. Runners train on this lovely gem. Oh, did I mention you start around 8,000 feet and climb another 2,000. That’s right! And people do this on purpose!d8f6bde5fe6a2192ec4ef547d9ff17c0

My hairdresser does this activity with her husband once a week, who she claims leaves her in the dust, or more appropriately on the trail. She tells the story of some overweight 40-50 year-old pot-bellied guys who took one look at it, and said, “Oh, this is going to be fun.” She kind of frowned and stared after them when they took off like a race horse out of the gate. She began at her typical steady pace, thinking, gosh, I wouldn’t call it fun, I’d call it more like a challenge. About halfway up to the top, as she passed these gasping bent-over (I’ll bet you anything tourists), she couldn’t resist and said, “Having fun yet?”

I laugh at that story because the activity I’m talking about is called THE INCLINE. It’s one mile straight up, and part of a retired train track comprised of non-level railroad tracks. It’s been illegal to hike it for years, but people crazy enough to hike it take no heed. The City of Manitou finally legalized it, which depressed some of these rebels – I’ll bet they’re the pot smokers of the bunch.

thJLMCYEJDWhen someone tells me they’re going to hike THE INCLINE I say good for you. And if any of you reading this blog come for a visit and the INCLINE appeals to you, I’ll gladly drive you the spot. As for me, I’ll remain a fair-weathered athlete. Regarding the INCLINE, I’m simply not inclined to do that.

Happy climbing!