I’m just a Soft Touch

I’ve been sitting here for about…oh, 5 hours or so now, trying to figure out what I can blog about that might make me sound the least bit interesting. After all, not much goes on in my life. I stay at home, hunched over my computer, and try to make my characters talk. (Lately there’s a lot more trying than there is talking with the stubborn guys.) So I started thinking back on what’s happened this winter…

Did I mention that over Thanksgiving my eldest son got engaged?

Yup. That happened.

How about that on Christmas Eve they came home and presented me with this…?


Yup, that happened too. Oh, it wasn’t a complete shock.  Even before they got engaged, my son and now daughter-in-law had mentioned that the bride had always wanted to elope. Which I actually encouraged. Oh, sure, I would have liked to have been there to actually see them make their vows, but I also know how wedding plans can spiral out of control as well-meaning friends and relatives make suggestions and demands, and one thing leads to another and next thing you know you’ve spent thousands of dollars you didn’t incur.  The surprise was that they had told us they were going to get married in the summer, but apparently they decided to move it up when my son (jokingly?) suggested they get married Christmas Eve.

Happy-Couple Copyright Leah Braemel

No, this isn’t a picture of them on their wedding day. It was taken in the fall as they were preparing to attend a friend’s wedding — one that convinced them they didn’t want a big lavish do, that they’d rather save their money and put it toward a house. Or school.

Yup. School. My son has also just finished the last courses of his electrical apprenticeship and has more than enough hours to qualify. Now he only has the final government exam to write to get his journeyman’s license. After almost six years of hard work, he’s almost a full-fledged electrician. So what’s he going to do to celebrate? Go back to school. Yup, he’s applying to universities to become an electrical engineer — which will take another four or five years, depending on which course he takes. Now he’s starting the round of visits and interviews…

So while not much has been happening to me, there’s been a lot going on around me.

By the way, I am typing this post one handed. My right hand, specifically. No, I haven’t hurt my left hand or anything. It’s just that the cat nestled on my left arm and fell asleep and he’s so darned cute that…well, I don’t want to disturb him. He’s such a cutie patootie! (the picture below is him sleeping on my husband’s arm earlier)Turtlepatootie

Someone, please, tell me I’m not the only one who is ruled by my cat. Please. Seriously.

Actually I just tried to take a picture of him and while I was trying to figure out how I could hold my camera at the best angle and manage to press the little button to actually take the picture, he decided he didn’t want his picture taken and moved.

To lay on the hand holding the camera.

So now I’m typing with only my left hand.

I’m as soft a touch with my dog Seamus too.Seamus-and-laptop

When I first wake up in the morning, it’s all about getting Seamus out the door before I get to visit the human bathroom – okay, so maybe that’s not so much looking after him as it is about looking after my carpets. But it doesn’t explain why instead of dashing to the bathroom while he’s sniffing the trees for the perfect spot, I head up to the kitchen and make sure the cat and dog both get their breakfast. Only once the animals are all settled do I deem it acceptable to look after my own needs.

In the evenings, I like to sit in the family room with my family (huh, a room that actually does what it’s designated to do. As opposed to the dining room where we never dine. …wait a minute, that wasn’t what I was talking about…which was what? Oh the cat, that’s right.) Anyway, I’m in the family room, sitting in a recliner complete with footrest. But where are my feet when that footrest is up? On the floor, on either side of the footrest because the footrest is occupied by both the dog AND the cat. At the same time.


Yup, not much room for my feet on that footrest. Please, someone assure me I’m not the lowest in the animal pecking order around here. Please?