I’m in the Books Store, Baby

Honest to goodness, this never gets old.

books at Book Loft

Right there, on the “Valentine’s Day” display at The Book Loft book store in Solvang, California, not one, but three of my SEAL EXtreme Team books are in the mix. Squeeee!

Helo pilot Ty Whitehorse, in UNDER THE RADAR, is the easiest to see since he is standing up with that gorgeous black hair against the blue Arctic skies. He’s got the gun at the ready to protect Holly, the lady musher hiding out with him in the hunter’s cabin, while a blizzard and bad guys rage outside their doors. It turns out Ty is not the only one in enemy cross hairs. Staying together is dangerous.

Communications expert Charlie Handley is just below him in LOCK AND LOAD. See him? Firearms at the ready against the purple Hong Kong sunset. Charlie’s duty is to rescue Amber from the clutches of the Chinese 14K Triad and all the others who are after the national security secrets she holds. Falling in love with her is not on his radar.

Next to Charlie is the duo who started this series, Lt. Commander Mack Riley and Jenna in COMING IN HOT. They are together in the jungles of Colombia determined to put together a dedicated and capable SEAL team to rescue a young family taken captive by hostiles in the midst of a drug war. These two have a passionate rocky past and a dangerous future. Stay tuned…

I will be signing these books on February 18th, 2015 at The Book Loft in Solvang California at 4:00-6:00. I’d love to see you there.