I’m In LOVE!!! (& I’m not talking about my husband)

Morning world! Glad to know we all survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday and CyberMonday. Whew. It was tough, huh?

Today, I want to introduce you to my new love. No, I have left The Fisherman. In fact, he knows about my new love and is okay with it.

This is Babylock Ellegante3. Isn’t she pretty?

She got to go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving! My sister loved here. I would not be surprised to find a twin at my sister’s house in the springs! πŸ™‚

Now when you get a new baby, you have to provide the proper “threads” to her wear, right? Here’s my baby’s threads…

So what do I do with this baby? Here’s a couple of my projects…
Let it SnowMatching shirts for my niece and HER niece.
EGK initalsA shirt for my great-niece
One of my Thanksgiving shirts

The Fisherman said this machine is going to cost us more than the initial outlay to buy it. I’m playing with it TOO much and having a blast.

So, who needs a shirt? πŸ™‚