I’m a Slave to My Cat by Fiona Lowe

 I am a slave to a cat. Four years ago I wanted a Russian Blue cat but everyone said, ‘Don’t get a pedigree cat. They have the brains bred out of them.’ So we got a shelter kitten and that’s where the fun started. The first mistake I made was letting three red-haired males go and choose the cat. We’d always had black and white males. They came home with a ginger and white female. My experience of ginger cats is that they’re feisty and I wasn’t wrong. We ran through all the ginger cat names and finally settled on PEKOE after Orange Pekoe. I think she has some Burmese in her too; her face is triangular and she does that fall over, expose the tummy and look cute’ thing’ that Burmese cats do. But she also has some wild ‘life on the street’ genes. One minute she’s licking you and the next she’s biting.


As we have a lot of bird-life in our garden, Pekoe is an indoor cat with an outside run. She loves being outside in her large cage with the high catwalk, taking in the breeze, although it gets a lot more use in summer than winter. It turns out that the so-called ‘strong genes’ shelter cat is neurotic. She requires four litter trays. Yes, four!! The bulk of the time she only uses two but if you take the other two away she lets you know she isn’t happy…on the carpet! She is very sensitive to change in the house – people coming and going, the house being painted, the arrival of the Christmas tree, so we have cat pheromones wafting into the air from a diffuser in an attempt to keep her calm. She also has developed feline interstitial cystitis (what was that about a robust shelter cat?) so we’ve put her on daily anti-inflammatories for pain relief and to protect my carpet. As a friend of mine said, “You got a dud cat there.” BUT for all of that she has some very entertaining qualities. Lucky for her, right?


She comes and gets us and demands to play ball. Throw a polystyrene ball at her and she bats it back every single time. She can also catch the ball. She also demands to be brushed. In winter she does deign to sit on our laps. There’s a lot of competition in the household to entice her onto a lap because when you have a cat on your lap it means you can’t possibly get up and help do any jobs 😉 She’s a ninja; she can hide in the house and not be found for quite some time. She will lick plastic, humans, anything really. When she’s relaxed she sounds like a coo-ing pigeon, and she does a lot of cute stuff that has the household oohing and ahhing and feeling a rush of love. I guess that’s what having a pet is all about.

Do you have a pet that drives you bonkers as well as giving you joy?

Book News!

Flying Doctors[3]Harlequin Australia have re-released three of my medical romances that feature flying doctors and bound them all under the one cover ….And with a handsome guy on the front.😉

If you crave a bit of outback heat and dust and an emotional read, you might wish to revisit the Warragurra Duo of Wedding at Warragurra and the The Playboy Doctor’s Marriage Proposal. There is also my Tiwi Island set book, The Doctor Claims His Bride. If you click on the links, they take you to my website where you can read an excerpt and see photos of where the books are set. You can buy these  books individually in the USA at your fave eBook store.

DSCF4580I’m excited to say I have signed a nice two book deal with Mira Australia/New Zealand for two mainstream fiction novels. The first, Daughter of Mine, will be out in March 2017 in Australia and NZ only. We’re working on the USA but will have to wait and see. Fingers crossed!

This is my last blog for a while here at ENALR. Thank you so much for having me play over the last two years. It’s been a blast.

Happy Reading!

Fiona xx

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