I’ll Take the Wrinkles

I’m at the age where I’m seeing a few more wrinkles. It’s bound to happen, unless…. And I don’t want to go there. But as an American woman who is bombarded with advertisements, I succumbed to one on – blushing – Facebook. It shows a middle-aged woman getting rid of the circles under her eyes and looking, of course, ten years younger.

I thought…for $3.99, I’ll give it a try. In the next week or so I received two different products – not the one I ordered, and since I didn’t order them, I stupidly ignored (kind of like those magazines you order but arrive in your mail) but gave it a whirl. The products were okay, and, truthfully, I think it was more in my head that I looked a little better. (Okay, maybe moisturizer is what it’s really about. )

The next credit card statement is when my face really sagged. There were two charges for more than $100 for these products, I never ordered. I immediately called my credit card company and the company sent me a new card with a different number.

Yes, I know this was stupid (now), vanity is the root of all evil. But I’m telling you this story in hopes it won’t happen to you. By the way, I never received the product that removes the circles under your eyes.

I’ve decided to not by online products when it comes to skincare. I’ve also decided to deal with only reputable companies (we can only hope).

So, tell me something. How come men look so distinguished as they age, and women will do anything to look younger? I see a hat and sunscreen in my future. If I risk identity theft to buy a product, I’ll take the wrinkles.

How about you? Do you order on line? Do you have a skincare line you love and trust?