I wonder about stuff

Last week an article ran in which a man had paid $500 for someone to make him invisible so that he could rob a bank. My editor freely admitted that if someone presented that to her in a plot, she’d laugh so hard and reject it. But clearly someone did this – I mean the media never exaggerates or lies, right?

Obviously the crooked poor fellow had mental issues. So, my mind arguing with reality question is: I wonder if the person the non-invisible person paid can be convicted of fraud?

Last night I attended a fascinating program given by the head of the Denver forensics department, which is listed the top in the nation, (patting Colorado’s largest city on the back for a job well done.) I’ve decided it isn’t worth committing crimes anymore, forensics is a crook’s worst enemy. Did you know that auto manufacturers paint each particular model of automobile with a specific chemical composition of paint? That’s right, if you buy a Toyota, and ram into a Kia or Chrysler, forensics can tell what paint the automobile belonged to.

Well, I found that fascinating, so I asked… But what if you go to one of those auto paint repair shops can that confuse the issue? Our speaker said no. They can break down the paint by layers.

Maybe as a writer I’m overly curious.  Or maybe it’s a writer’s curse/blessing.  But do you ever wonder about stuff?