I need a hero

While my husband and I were en route to New Mexico this weekend, the texts started flying. Have you seen the Gazette? Go on line now. This is unbelievable. There in our local newspaper was a seven-page article accusing one of our long time public officials of corruption, abuse of power, budget impropriety and affairs. I am not going to blog in detail about the graphic allegations. Anyone can look it up and read for themselves in our local newspaper.

I am a believer in innocent until proven guilty. Still, a seven-page article, along with a now active FBI investigation, depicting so many allegations from so many sources, pictures and graphic texts doesn’t spur confidence in me, or occur without some shred of evidence. I’m heartsick. This man was a hero to me.

This article was a reminder that while heroes must have flaws, they also have to have character. And if these allegations are true, this man doesn’t have character.

I thought about this a lot en route back to Colorado, and my muse has been whispering. I write romance to escape life’s sordid details. My joy comes from turning tragedies into happily-ever-afters. So, what if… what if a man had all kinds of allegations thrown at him and they were untrue? What if he was prepared to fight, then all at once stepped down to protect someone? Disappeared from public life, relocated and basically went into seclusion. Enter the heroine who forces him to set the record straight. I think I’d like to write a hero like that. It might be therapeutic.

Wouldn’t it be something if the allegations, all seven-pages of them, turn out to be false or part of an outrageous smear campaign?

Is it naïve to say I need a hero?  Have you ever had a hero fall from grace?