I Need a Butt Kicking!

I’m one day late in turning this post in. So sorry. My excuse? I’m stuck on Planet Book Writing and it is a mean, tough place full of sink holes, ugly soul-sucking monsters, and bad smells.

I’m just going to say it–this book is driving me nuts. My characters are being difficult. The plot has holes large enough to drive a bus into and the pacing stinks. But other than that I love it. Ha.

Why are some stories so much easier to write than others?

I have a theory.

I think this book hasn’t “cooked” long enough yet. I need to sit down and do some hard come-to-mama thinking. Usually when things aren’t going well it’s because I need to go deeper–layers down, through the skin, muscles, and cells to the core of who the characters are. When I do that, I usually find that my characters aren’t defined enough to stand on their own two feet and walk out of the pages and into your living room.  Which means, I need a good butt kicking.

You, dear reader, should feel the emotions. Your ear should be tuned to the dialogue. Your heart should race, your chest ache…in other words, I want you to love this book. Really, really love it.

To do things right, I am going back to my characters to figure out the following:

  1. What do they want? And I don’t mean the simple stuff , like an ice cream sundae with cherries on top. No, the deep-need wants. What would they give every cent, every shred of dignity, and their own hearts to have?
  2. What do they need? And I don’t mean just food, water, and shelter. This is the emotional deep need that will make them whole.
  3. Why can’t they have what they want and need? This is the conflict that is keeping them from their desires. And it can’t be something lame like a flimsy misunderstanding between the characters. No, it has to be a real barrier. One that makes us readers say, “No way! They are never getting past that thing.”
  4. Why does the other character give them what they need? What’s so special about that guy, other than the fact that he is super hot?
  5. Why are they better together than apart? Why do they think they can’t be together?
  6. How does being together change them so that they don’t want to go back to the way things were before? Why can’t they just be together for Pete’s sake? And again it has to be a REAL reason, not a trumped up “author reason.”
  7. How do they save each other? What do they sacrifice? Why is it worth it?

Okay, getting a good stretch so that my boot can reach all the way up to my behind.

Rest assured I will make this work. For them. For you.

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